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Online sports betting is a thriving global trend,

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And the Superintendence of Casinos and Games (SCJ) explained to Americas Economy that a bill is being considered to regulate the development of online games of chance in the country, which today do not pay taxes, and that includes sports betting and games. online casino and other gambling games. Generating a competitive market, safeguarding public faith, protecting the health and safety of players, increasing tax collection and making the origins and destination of the resources obtained through these platforms transparent are part of the objectives shared by the entity.

As calculated by Leila, for Chile it can be estimated that the “win” of online gambling,

That is, the profits for the operators would reach US$ 425 million in five years in a regulated and stabilized market.

Similarly, the Chilean analyst cites Peru as the opposite case to the Colombian. And it is that while in the coffee country the companies must contribute 15% of their profit to the Subsidized Health System of Colombia, in the Inca country gambling is not regulated, although it is considered a legal economic activity. “This explains why there are more than 17 bookmakers that use that jurisdiction as a base for their operations. In 2019, it is estimated that more than S/ 2,500 million (about US$ 625 million) were generated, with around 150,000 daily bets,” adds Live.

In addition to Bactria, Strand’s is another of the platforms that intends to take advantage of the expansion processes in Latin America. Emerged in 2018 as one of the brands of the group of Mexican origin Logrand Entertainment Group, it currently operates in the North American country, venturing into the gaming, betting and entertainment market in digital format.

Although it is in their plans to grow to new countries in the region,

They do not see Latin America as a single block. “They are different countries, with cultures, audiences and users with their own preferences, which require different strategies,” says Lenin Castillo, director of online operations at Loran Entertainment 꽁머니.

“Latin America has been described as a ‘land of high potential’ for online gaming operators. While only a few countries have legalized and regulated the sector, they are already experiencing steady growth. Those that have not yet taken the plunge hope to do so in the next few years. Given that it is generally an untapped market, the potential is huge for sports books, casinos and other forms of betting”, comments the representative of Strands.


To confirm this “incredible growth potential” they rely on estimates that calculate increases for the sector of 20% year-on-year in the region, with revenues exceeding US $ 7,000 million by the end of 2021.

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