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Online Degree in Visual Communications

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At the root of any successful leader is a strong ability to communicate. Sure, there have been leaders who have ascended into the highest positions and not had that skill, but they likely didn’t last long. This point was illustrated recently as I listened to a NPR program about the failure of the big banks on Wall Street. When Congress grilled executives from these institutions about why they didn’t catch the risky investments that were being made that ultimately failed, their answers were all the same and quite simple – we didn’t know. It was their job to know and either nobody told them or they didn’t catch it in the data they had access to. No flags were raised; nobody asked so nobody told. This is definitely a communication meltdown that had widespread negative consequences.

What is communication? Communication in life is the pinnacle of every successful – and not so successful – relationship. According to Webster’s dictionary, communication is defined as a process of transferring information from one entity to another. Communication processes are sign-mediated interactions between at least two agents, which share a repertoire of signs, and semiotic rules. Communication is commonly defined as “the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs”. Although there is such a thing as one-way communication, communication can be perceived better as a two-way process in which there is an exchange and progression of thoughts, feelings or ideas (energy) towards a mutually accepted goal or direction (information).

An online degree in visual communications can be obtained from a Visual Communication study London, saving you time as well as money. By attending an online college, you can take all your courses from the comfort of your home or office, saving money on food, transportation, and living space as well. The skills this specific program teaches include designing, publishing, marketing techniques, and others as well. This career path allows you to put your creativity and artistic skills to persuade people and capture people’s attention. Some key concepts you will learn in an online program include visual media, illustration, publishing, designing, and mass communication. An online bachelor’s degree is the typical prerequisite for careers in this field.

Most of these professionals must complete an internship as well as practicing basic tasks and studying under an industry mentor to enter a full time position in the visual communications field. Employment in this field is expected to grow steadily due to the increase of graphics and communication on the Internet. This means there will be many jobs available to graduates as the internet will always be expanding. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the amount of jobs held in 2004 was about 428,000. The salary for this kind of position is very high as well, making this career enjoyable because of creativity and rewarding because of earning potential. If you have a creative side and would like to turn your talent into wealth, consider earning your online degree in visual communications.

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