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Neurological physiotherapy and its benefits 

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Neurological physiotherapy is a type of physical therapy. It mainly focuses on treating patients with a movement disorder that may have been caused by injuries in the brain, and spinal cord. The aim of the physiotherapist is to improve the condition and maximize the potential of the area of injury.

A number of conditions affectthe body’s nervous system such as a stroke, a fatal brain injury, or neuromuscular disorders. These can lead to muscle weakness, loss of balance, muscle spasms, and loss of function as well. Therapies a designed like neurological physiotherapy to improve these symptoms.

What is neurological physiotherapy?

The work of the central nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal cord is to send specialized signals throughout the body. The nervous system does this with the help of neurotransmitters which travel by nerve fibers to cells. Many different functions are possible with the help of the CNS like movement, metabolic process, etc. so if the nervous system is damaged it fails to relay signals to the different parts of the body. Depending on the specific area it can cause a number of symptoms such as loss of sensation, loss of movement of hands, arms, legs, feet, muscle spasm, ataxia, and pain.

The nervous system is rehabilitated by neurological physiotherapy. A physiotherapist creates personalized exercises which help in the formation of new brain pathwaysand restores brain signals.

A neurology and physiotherapy clinic is your go-to if you are suffering from pain and distress and you show the above-mentioned problems.

What conditions are treated with neurological physiotherapy?

The following conditions are treated with neurological physiotherapy.

  • Stroke—

     When a person has a stroke the blood flow to the brain gets restricted and as a result causes the death of brain cells. The loss of brain cells in the damaged portion of the brain manifests the symptoms.  

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)—

    dysfunction caused by a sudden blow to the head, or a bump on the head resulting from an injury

  • Parkinson’s Disease—

    thisis a neurodegenerative disorder. It affects movements, sleep, and also cognition.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease—

    it is alsoa neurodegenerative disease-causing loss of brain cells leading to dementia, the decline in memory, thinking, etc.

  • Spinal Cord Injuries—

    those with spinal cord injury lose function below the affected area. They can experience loss of strength, and loss of sensation, loss of bowel or even bladder control.

  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)—

     in this the body’s immune system damages the nerves of the CNS. The immune system degenerates myelin. Symptoms depend on which nerve is compromised.

  • Cerebral Palsy—

    it affects motor activity in childhood. Due to abnormal brain development, people with cerebral palsy cannot control their muscles.

  • Chronic pain—

    back pain or chronic pain can cause by primary injury or by secondary reasons. To improve this condition patients, begin neurological physiotherapy.

If you are suffering from any of the above-mentionedconditions you can search for physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers and you would definitely find relief.

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