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Neon Signs: The Does and Don’ts

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Neon signage has through the years proved useful, especially for companies that are open 24/7. It is a unique marketing tool that can draw customers to your store or establishment at all times of the day and evening, which is something that conventional painted or printed sign does not have.

The use of neon signs for business as a marketing tool comes with numerous well-documented advantages, but there are a few things you must consider at the start. These are a few of the fundamental principles that will make the most value out of the blinking neons at your shopfront.


The position of your neon sign is crucial and will determine its effectiveness if it is encouraging people to go into the area and take a look. The distance must be the proper distance.

Set up your open sign at a good distance from the entrance of your store. When you see the stunning flashing lights, passers-by immediately seek your door. Beware of long distances between the open sign and the entrance to your store since a long search will result in a decrease in attention and potential customers.

Avoid places that are overcrowded. The presence of crowds can cause confusion and the potential buyer has a difficult time trying to find your store in the event that the neon sign is located amid a plethora of others. Visit Custom Neon Signs Now to know more about Neon Signs. Make sure you choose a large well-lit and visible spot and one that allows even someone who is unfamiliar with the location right after they see the sign.

Avoid barriers. Your neon sign isn’t useful if those who you are trying to reach don’t be able to see it. The principle of advertising is to showcase brand names and names in a noticeable and appealing way.

Make sure you look over the area, tracing angles to find the most suitable place for your business’s neon sign. Roadside signs are straightforward with double-sided signage located on the storefront’s other side or in your parking space performing to perfection.

With all their beauty and glamour the business neon signs can be a delicate advertising device. Do not set your side too low in areas that are crowded or in an area where it could be destroyed by projectiles. Set your sign in a high place to protect it from physical harm, yet at a level that allows for visibility and little tension.

The Design

Custom-designed neon signs show the individuality of your company, using shapes and colors to showcase your services and products to any motorist or pedestrian. Poor design and bad choice of colors can hurt the business.

As an owner of a business, you are aware of the impression that you wish your advertising medium creates for potential customers. The best option is to create a concept that is a true representation of your company or brand.

If you can and in line with the colors of your business. Design multiple designs for the neon sign design and choose the one that is most appealing to you. If you do not have the expertise to create an individual sign that truly stands out, consults professionals to design your designs and colors.

When designing your sign, beware of the temptation of adding excessive detail or words. The majority of neon signs utilize names and shapes like an arrow to grab the attention of pedestrians.

Pick a shape that is appropriate for your area and has vertical letters that are perfect in a narrow street. It is recommended to opt for a clean, simple, and attractive design that grabs the attention immediately upon first sight. Bar signs, for example, could have the bar’s name on them, along with the bar, clinking mugs of beer, and an arrow that points at the front door Simple, efficient.


Signs appear and remain there for 10 years or longer. During that time exposure to the elements can cause damage. In open zones, the winds blow all the time, so your neon sign requires sturdy frames to be able to withstand the rotating force of the breeze.

The rain also floods embankments and curbs, and anything that’s not sturdy could be swept away or blown away. Visit Custom Neon Signs UK to get your own Custom Neon Signs now. If you are mounting signs on metal frames be sure the frame’s base is sturdy and is far enough underground to provide sufficient stability.

Instability makes your sign sway in the wind, or even stand in awkward positions. If not checked, your sign will eventually fall and sustain serious damage. Neon tubes are extremely delicate and require a certain amount of attention.

In addition, unstable signs can give an impression that is not positive to your current and potential customers. This type of image reflects the onset of age and lack of professionalism.


The following guidelines can help to create a successful neon sign, and also guides you to the most suitable locations to put up. Choose a design that is appropriate, with a balance of shapes and colors that accurately represent your company. Avoid elaborate designs that could result in some components lost in the finer details.

The components should be inspected for the dimensions to ensure that your template will show everything clearly. Get a clear idea of what you want passers-by to see: a steady light-up display, a blinking display, or both in alternating.

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