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MXCode FakeLoc Review: Pokemon Go Spoof Without Root or Jailbreak

MXCode FakeLoc Review
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People find different games and activities to kill their time and Pokemon Go is one of them. However, this game is not available everywhere in the world. A few regions have access to this game. So, how will you play Pokemon Go in your region? Even I used to face issues in my region as I could not play this game. However, there are ways to change your GPS to the region where this game is accessible. For Pokemon Go, you can download many location-changing apps, but they don’t work without root or jailbreak. Therefore, you will have to root your android device and do a jailbreak on your iPhone device.

Changing GPS with FakeLoc App

FakeLoc app is one of the useful applications that help to change your GPS without any jailbreak and root. Even if you are using an iPad, this app will work on that too. You can download the FakeLoc app which is location changer software at MXCode software. If you have a PC, then you can download the app from the website of MXCode. Afterward, you have to connect your android or iPhone to the desktop to change your location. You can simply change your location for other apps without any problem. You have to go to your phone’s Map and then change to any location you want to. This way, you can have access to the game and can easily play it while being in your original region. This application is safe as I have used it multiple times to play Pokemon Go. This app is also helpful for other applications.

Choose Other Interesting Features of the FakeLoc App

One of the interesting features of the FakeLoc app is that you can change your location to a moveable feature. It means that you can choose the feature of walking, running, or even jogging. This way, you can reach so many other Pokemons and can even let others know that you are moving places. This feature is helpful for those including me who want to keep changing their location to anywhere. I never wanted to fix my location, so I always use this feature for better performance of Pokemon Go. You can even check whether the location has officially changed or not.

If you have changed your location to any other region, then you can check on your phone by closing every app. If nothing has changed, then you can repeat the changing steps and then check again. Keep changing till it officially changes your location from one place to another.

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