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It is always a good decision to hire a window cleaning business. Every business needs a clean and tidy environment. We know that clean windows and beautiful windows both provide a better working environment and a welcoming setting to invite customers into. It can be in a store as well as in an office. With many years of experience in the industry, we offer professional, efficient and fast window cleaning business. Even though we polish the windows faster than average, you always get quality for your money.

Jacobsens Rengøring offers window cleaning businesses in large parts of Zealand. We drive both into inner Copenhagen, Greater Copenhagen and North Zealand – and as far west as Frederiksværk, Frederikssund and Roskilde and all the way down to Solrød Strand. Want to know more about our window cleaning business? Then you can read much more about the possibilities on this page or contact us to book a meeting.

Window cleaning for companies – we come to you

Do you need to hire a Vinduespudser for business? Then Your Polishing is an obvious choice. When you as a company want a permanent agreement with polishing windows, we always visit the company. That way we can talk together about your specific needs, and we can get a better understanding of the size of the task. That is, the area of ​​ the company, number of windows and the location of them.

Depending on how often you need business polishing, we organize together with you a tailor-made company scheme. That way we can also plan the work so that we disrupt your workflows as little as possible. We polish and polish for the big gold medal every weekday from 7-16. But if you need us to come a little earlier and arrange the interior plastering before the working day starts, we are of course flexible.

Dedicated and professional window cleaner for business

Our employees are skilled at their jobs. They have extensive experience with commercial window cleaning and use e.g. of our clean water plant. This means that they can effectively plaster tall buildings or facades with water that has been cleaned of ions and lime. It is better for the building and more environmentally friendly as no detergents are used in this facility. For window cleaning business, we can with this system reach windows at a height of 22 meters.

Reasonable window cleaning for companies

It can be difficult to choose the right company for your window cleaning business. The price must be right, but we know that for many of our customers it is about flexibility and special needs. That is why we always make sure to comply with your wishes and put together an agreement that suits you. Jacobsens Rengøring has many years of experience with window cleaning for shops, companies and in office environments. Our employees are therefore used to washing windows and at the same time committing themselves in a quiet and efficient way – without e.g. to talk on a cell phone or interrupt in other ways.

Are you looking for a company that can give you a firm and reasonably priced agreement? Where you can choose the range and have windows plastered without disturbing your daily workflows? Jacobsens Rengøring offers an efficient quality service, where the customer always comes first! Contact us today to find out more and book a meeting.

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