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Macaws rarely fly in restricted areas

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Macaws rarely fly in restricted areas. They prefer to climb or walk in confined spaces. These large birds will be able to fly in large aviaries, which will let them display their colors and allow them to get the exercise they need.

Adult Macaws should be kept in pairs within a large aviary or suspended enclosure. Double wiring is necessary between the aviaries if other macaws and parrots are located adjacent to the macaws to reduce the chance of injury by the neighboring bird/s.

According to parrot regulations, there should be at least

one perch at each end of an aviary. One perch should be near the nest and should be approximately the same height as its opening. The most frequently used perch during breeding season is the one closest to the nest opening. Suspended cages can be used in the same way.  Bluebird Meaning  The preferred material for birds is timber perches (natural branches, if possible). To find out which species of plants are safe for use in an aviary, consult local breeders and accredited nurseries.Macaws rarely fly in restricted areas

Large chewing birds can use most untreated timbers that are sold by retailers of building supplies. To replace broken ones, keep spare branches and timber perches on hand. Although artificial perches are virtually indestructible and can be purchased commercially, these perches can cause problems due the smoothness of the perch’s surface or the abrasive surface which may cause damage to the feet. Timber perches, natural branches or timber perches can be a relatively low cost when compared with the birds’ value. It is important to keep your perch clean.

An aviary should measure 4 m long by 2 m wide 

The roof of an aviary should be at least 2.5m high, which is approximately 8 to 8.5 feet. The aviary should be larger for larger macaws. A 10-meter aviary will accommodate a macaw that is the same size as a Blue and Gold macaw.

Suspended cages can be used to house and breed Macaws. A suspended cage should not be less than 2.5m long and 1.5m wide. To allow the safe capture of large birds within the suspended cage, it may be necessary to include special requirements or provisions due to the large bird requirements. The cage may need to have an additional door.

Macaws are very keen to see weak

points in wire mesh so it is important that the wire mesh is strong.  Birds That Talk Galvanized wire mesh 10 gauge is recommended to prevent birds from breaking it. The wire of 10 gauge is used to deter predators and people from trying to enter a cage or an aviary.

Heavy-gauge mesh is often too wide to allow rodents and snakes to get in. The wire can be painted with safe, non-toxic, dark colors. This will reduce the possibility of zinc poisoning and improve the visibility of birds in the aviary.

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