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Leverage the power of AWS DevOps

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• AWS is one of the top 3 cloud infrastructure providers.

Founded in 1994, AWS is revolutionizing cloud applications and businesses.

• Statista says, in the first quarter of 2022, AWS contributed 33% of the market share.

An approach, AWS DevOps, contributes to this giant phenomenon with its potent features. That is why DevOps service provider companies across the world use this approach.

Let’s know about AWS DevOps.

AWS avails many adaptable benefits to the DevOps system. AWS DevOps allows businesses to give by-products quickly and safely. The benefits of AWS services efficiently condition and handle the system. Moreover, it helps in application deployment, automation of releases, and monitors performance.

DevOps amalgamates with principles, techniques, and mechanisms of AWS. It improves business capabilities. Moreover, it deploys apps and services faster. Further, AWS DevOps develops and enhances deliverables at a more rapid speed. This pace lets businesses achieve their goals and serve their clients ably.

Benefits of AWS DevOps

• 22% of organizations that require high security prefer using DevOps.

Security, being one of the significant benefits, DevOps offers many more business benefits to users. The following is a list of a few advantages of AWS DevOps for businesses.

It is scalable.
AWS is designed to build scalable products. AWS with DevOps can effortlessly improve application or service scalability. In addition, it rapidly works on expanding models.

Automation is the key!
Automation is the key feature of DevOps. With AWS features, AWS Management Console or AWS CLI can handle automation functions. In addition, it can furnish clear information on automation performance.

It offers improved collaboration.
DevOps supports the cross-company association. But, it needs to have high security while sharing this information. Further, AWS sets specific authorizations and guidelines for every project partner. As a result, users can communicate and check DevOps outcomes in a real-time secured environment.

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, it enables maximum efficiency of an application or service. Moreover, business optimization can be achieved smoothly with DevOps. Last but not least, it offers fast and stable deployment.

Well, this is not enough! It even offers some benefits to developers.

How can it benefit developers?

AWS benefits developers with specifically designed tools for DevOps. For example, code pipeline and codebuild are the two specific features of AWS DevOps.

Code pipeline allows CI/CD services. Further, it authorizes systematic delivery. Whereas codebuild can assemble, check, and create code packages.

Besides, there are some tools designed explicitly for AWS DevOps.

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Some well-known AWS DevOps Tools

AWS DevOps has got a set of selective and extensive tools. The following are some of the famous tools.

Cloud Development Kit
This open-source tool has a structure that employs coding languages to structure and condition cloud sources.

This is an automation tool. It regulates deliveries on the server of the user’s choice.

To conduct DevOps on AWS, this tool is used. It has proactive interaction approaches.

Device Farm
Device farm helps in enhancing the grade of the mobile application. Further, it helps with tests to elevate the product quality.

Why is Orion eSolutions one of the best DevOps service provider companies?

Orion eSolutions is one of the leading DevOps service provider companies. We have helped reputable clients across the world with our web, mobile, e-commerce, and other solutions. Additionally, the domain is not a constraint to us! Moreover, We work in creating and assisting projects with full-cycle development, digital transformation, and blockchain development.

Our DevOps tool kit consists of AWS, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, and much more. Furthermore, we ensure to offer DevOps consulting services with the latest and advanced trends. Finally, while providing business optimization, we rigorously work on helping you grow better.

• According to Upgrad, by using DevOps, United Airlines preserved USD 500,000 by switching to consistent testing measures.
DevOps has been revolutionizing businesses globally. On the other hand, AWS has been catering to the cloud businesses in the most effective ways. AWS DevOps holds power to back up systems with efficient apps and services.

To leverage the power of AWS DevOps, you need to unite with esteemed DevOps service provider companies. Are you dreaming about your next project? Connect with Orion eSolutions soon!

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