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Kurti Wearing Mistakes You Should Be Wary Of!

In: Fashion

The one Indian wear that is considered to be on an even keel both in terms of ethnic wear and modern wear is obviously Kurti. Whether you are getting ready for an office meeting or a festive evening, you can never go wrong with a Kurti, or can you?

Kurti is so versatile and ensembles so well with other outfits that most women start thinking that they can never go wrong while shopping or experimenting with Kruti but that’s not true. The fashion realm might have no lexicons but that doesn’t mean you can’t go wrong. 

So, to be on the safe side, here are some common Kurti mistakes that you should be wary of. 

Choosing the wrong fabric 

This is the most common mistake, especially made by those who are on their first shopping spree for Kurtis. Styling and experimenting with Kurti comes later as first, to begin on the right foot, you have to choose the right fabric. 

There is nothing like the best fabric as it all depends on the occasion, weather, and the type of body you have. If you are attending a festive evening, a flowy fabric like chiffon or satins will be perfect. But if you are planning to buy kurta sets online for everyday wear then you must go for cotton or georgette. 

Never overlook your body type while styling with Kurti 

Even after women buy kurta sets online, they make the most common mistake of not considering the body type while dressing and this can make even the most elegant and enticing-looking Kurti go bad. Always work your way around dressing to a particular trend, if you think it is not made for the type of body you have.

If you have bought a short Kurti with a fitted pair of bottoms and if you have a curvy figure, you must add another dimension to the overall outfit. Any additional wear that can take the attention away is a good option. But if you are lean, always go for long Kurtis during Kurti set online shopping.

Carrying on too much bling

Ethnic wears like Kurti and jewelry go like denim jeans and tops but this doesn’t mean that you should inundate your body with every piece of jewelry you see in your wardrobe. Balance is the word that you should always look for while styling with jewelry. Don’t make the perfect ensemble of jewelry and Kurti look like cheese and chalk.

If you are done with Kurti set online shopping and planning on wearing your Kurti for the special evening, you must keep the jewelry simple and subtle. If you have bought solid and plain colored jewelry, you must top it with statement jewelry.

Picking an odd length

Just picking the best Kurti shop near me is not enough for women as they must be careful while choosing the length of their Kurti as well as picking the odd length is another common mistake made by most Kurti fiends.

Always choose the Kurti length according to your height. According to the thumb rule, the Kurti should be above the knee, just touching or above the calves. Girls, keep in mind long Kurtis look great on tall women and a short one on short women.

Right from finding the best Kurti shop near me to accentuating the overall look with jewelry, your fashion sense and shopping selection needs to be precise otherwise, you will end up making the most versatile ethnic wear a fashion blunder. Looking for the best pair of kurtis to ace your look, try


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