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Is the school administration software working optimally?

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Real-time analysis

Decisions based on incorrect or incomplete information always lead management to make aggressive decisions that are sometimes costly but not successful. To make a productive decision, the information must be correct.


Modules like Inventory Management help school administrators track, manage, and understand inflows and outflows on a specific schedule. It allows you to keep track of your suppliers, categorise your inventory needs, and plan accordingly. The front desk allows you to build credibility for your school by maintaining a security perspective by monitoring guests, recording calls, sending and receiving packages, and more.


If your software can’t provide this information accurately, school administrators won’t be able to make decisions faster, ultimately slowing your progress.


Easy to use


One of the main objectives of the school ERP is to make things easier for people and reduce errors. The freedom to explicitly mark student attendance without revealing the student’s name, to access the required academic information from one place instead of searching different files, greatly facilitates the life of teachers, increasing staff productivity.


Similarly, your school’s ERP should easily handle parents’ fear of skipping weekly parent meetings and waiting another week for their child’s progress. ERP should not only help parents to monitor their children’s progress, but also to check it with their peers.


Automate tasks


During exams, teachers are often assigned various tasks. At the end of the session, the teaching must cover the entire course, the attendance management must be done so that it is included in the study, the exam sheets must be correctly prepared, the senior management must be informed, etc.


Seeing the old classic routine of handling everything manually certainly not only harms the teacher’s performance, but also creates a rupture in the teacher-student relationship. The ERP must be able to remove this burden so that the teacher’s attention is not diverted to preparing for student tests and other activities as needed.


Increase ROI


School management software helps keep track of annual admissions, total fees due and collected, donations, expenses, and all the important details. These records can now be compared to the previous year and previous years to provide a true picture of school performance. In this way, you can easily conduct a SWOT analysis and thus develop new plans and strategies.


The school management solution also acts as a reputation generator. Increase people’s engagement and strongly attract new users. Current generation parents are more inclined to adopt new technologies in schools.


Better connection


ERP is at its best when it can connect all the dots and provide transparency while protecting the privacy of its users. When several people are united in an organization, it is quite difficult to connect them all and share information in less time.


ERP should help with everything necessary, from super administrators to granting access to users according to their functions, teachers to create their reports and share them with stakeholders, students who will become supporters of using the system and parents who will at any moment follow.


Integration with GPS and RFID allows parents to sit at home fearlessly, groups of students to stop exchanging numbers and still communicate with each other. Good school management system offers better connectivity and instantly shares urgent information with relevant users.


These were some of the ways you can check the performance of your ERP software. Check it out today. And if your school management solution doesn’t offer these solutions, don’t hesitate to change them.

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