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Is Instagram business free?

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Get a piece of the Instagram pie!


Here’s why you should now consider launching an Instagram business.


If you’ve ever wondered why there’s so much discussion about Instagram in the marketplace, the answer may lie in Instagram’s initial launch.


When Instagram launched its platform in 2010, there were very few websites and blogs created on social media. That began to change with the rise of platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. It is no surprise that in 2016, Instagram reported it had over 800 million monthly active users, with an additional 300 million daily active users. With all these platforms, people were creating businesses in the form of Facebook pages and even YouTube channels.


Instagram’s success gave other social media platforms igtools a taste of its popularity. Instagram also began to build its brand into something exciting, inspiring, and of value to consumers, making it the perfect platform for businesses to market their products and services to people drawn to Instagram.


I ran into this trend at an industry conference several years ago. A speaker was describing the power of Instagram in his industry. He was speaking to a room of CIOs and CTOs, but his audience was mostly made up of photographers, videographers, and designers in the film, television, and fashion industries. One of the attendees gave the speaker a weird look, thinking he was referring to something completely different.


Instagram is currently experiencing the same confusion from non-Instagram users and business owners.


In the days since Instagram announced that it was joining the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat by charging businesses to advertise their businesses on Instagram, a debate has raged about whether businesses should pay for the platform.


While Instagram introduced these new ad products this week, they are different from Facebook’s and Twitter’s ad products. Advertisers can pay for ads on Instagram, but not on Facebook. And, there’s no paid video content on Twitter yet, but if Twitter were to make this leap, it would be a huge change for its platform.


I don’t blame those non-Instagram users for not knowing Instagram exists. With only 160 million monthly users, Instagram is still small in the social media market. But, the numbers do add up, as Instagram does not charge users to use the app, and users continue to add to the platform with every new piece of content they create.


So, now that you know Instagram exists, it’s time to consider launching an Instagram business. In my experience, business owners who have little or no experience with social media can make better business decisions if they consult with an experienced team who specializes.

Wired goes on to describe how Instagram and Facebook share each other’s user information and how Facebook’s business model encourages users to share as much as possible on Instagram.

For Instagram to continue its dominance in the future, the site will need to avoid copycat apps, the same Wired article asserts.

“Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, famously declared in 2016 that he wanted the “calculus” of the system to bring more people into the network. What calculus is doing is making it a marketplace. At least for the time being, only the most determinedly loyal users are sticking around.”

So who is watching Instagram stories on a consistent basis? An Anonymous and Free Digital Story Analysis project examined the top 50 most followed accounts in the UK. For the week of Jan. 28, the team found that this group averaged 3.3 million views a day on Instagram.

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Instagram is a great platform to promote your business. You can use the photo and video feature, among others, to show people how your business is benefiting customers. You can also upload daily deals, coupons, or new merchandise/products. Like other social media platforms, Instagram allows you to share content directly with your followers’ newsfeeds

You can promote your business with advertising on Instagram. You can create a custom ad for products and services, or create a sponsored hashtag that’s related to your brand. Instagram ads are billed per impression, so be sure to use an affordable price point that’ll allow you to run regular campaigns over time and grow your following on Instagram.

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