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Is Baby Oil Better Than Baby Lotion?

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Caring for the baby is one of the most crucial tasks for parents as they have to be very attentive. There are dozens of baby massage products available in the market, and most parents prefer either baby massage oil or lotion. Both have their pros and cons, and before we move into the oil vs. lotion debate, let’s find the difference between them as both are recommended for dry skin issues.

Well, it’s a fact that the baby’s skin doesn’t necessarily need oil or lotion right after the birth. However, after a month, you have to massage your baby’s skin to keep it healthy and glowing. Choosing between the best massage oil for baby and lotion is a very daunting task, and let’s dive a bit deeper into their key differences.

Baby Oil vs. Baby Lotion 

Below are some of the primary differences between the two to moisturize your skin. 

Baby Oil Baby Lotion
Forms a layer over the skin by preventing the escape of moisture Get absorbed into the skin by absorbing the moisture from the environment 
Hydrates the skin  Hydrates the skin
Mostly non-allergic  Non-allergic, depending upon the ingredients 
Suitable for dry skin on the face, body, hands, legs, and feet.  Suitable for mildly dry and dry skin
Strengthen the body & muscles Relaxes the body
Use on wet skin to lock moisture Use on wet skin to hydrate

While lotion hydrates the skin, baby massage oil traps the moisture in the skin, and therefore, it is a perfect solution for a dry-skin condition. 

Top Benefits of Massage Oil 

  • Massage with a baby oil develops a positive effect on a baby’s sleep
  • Makes your little one more relaxed and less stressed
  • Eliminates the problem of gas in babies
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Strengthens baby’s bones and muscles and enhances the respiratory system
  • Helps the infant become more active and alert, resulting in less crying and feeling less cranky. 

Top Benefits of Baby Lotion

  • The baby lotion provides nourishment to the skin of a newborn. As the skin is susceptible & delicate, it can be harmed easily due to infection. 
  • The baby lotion provides hydration to the body that the skin wants.
  • It prevents the skin from certain types of irritation & allergies. 
  • By minimizing the risk of infection, the body lotion soothes the skin. 


When it comes to natural skin care preferences, lotion & massage oils are essential for the baby’s skin. However, massage oil offers more benefits than lotions that you can’t ignore for a baby’s delicate skin. 

To ensure the best for your baby, you can use cold-pressed organic baby massage oil. These types of massage oil are 100% plant-based with added benefits providing your little one’s proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that the body requires. 

So, you can use Little Rituals baby massage oils that are cold-pressed, organic massage oil that can make your baby stronger and healthier.

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