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Interior Cleaning And Car Care – Let’s Do It

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Life is too short for ‘dirty work’ – but our mechanics would rather do it for you.

You can easily see if one of our workshops near you offers car care on our online booking system. Simply enter your address and see if the service is offered near you.

Car preparation is also a specialty

When we say that we take pride in making your car, it’s all about your Klargøring af bil. Therefore, it is also an honor that we can be allowed to make car preparation on a working day. It gives us the opportunity to put the final finish on the car so that it looks sharp and beautiful.

This can involve polishing the car’s interior, cleaning seats, wiping dust off all surfaces, shaking mats and vacuuming seats and bottoms. We make sure that the interior cleaning plays and the exterior is sharp.

With an interior cleaning and car wash with us, you drive away with a beautiful and shiny car.

Your car is our gold…

And we treat it that way. If you want your car to be sharp, we offer interior cleaning. We take pride in car care and therefore our mechanics will provide their absolute best in car preparation. We do it with pleasure when you do not bother. There should be no doubt that we want the absolute best for you and your car.

Therefore, we would like to help you get rid of another time waster when the car is already in the workshop – or maybe when it just needs a thorough cleaning.

Either way, we think the dirty work of cleaning a car can easily be left to us. We have a very high standard, and only want to take care of and service your car as best we can. Therefore, your car will be pampered during car care here with us.

See here if your local car partner offers this service here.

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