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Integrative medicine- what you need to know

In: Health
  • Medicine has undergone numerous practical transformations over many centuries to today’s modern medicine. Early societies have a different approach to diseases when practicing medicine. 먹튀검증사이트


Integrative medicine is a medical approach involving conventional medicine such as drugs, surgery, and complementary medicine like therapies and yoga meditation. It considers all aspects of the patient’s lifestyle and uses a healing-based approach.

It is a relatively new medical specialty that emphasizes safety and evidence. Integrative medical practitioners have been trained professionally to utilize evidence-based integrative therapies that are safe to improve their patient’s wellbeing.

An integrative medical doctor treating a cancer patient will recommend safe modalities and those that can alleviate the pain or side effects of treatment while generally improving the long-term wellbeing of the patient. Some clinics offer integrative medicine in Mexico, and they provide special services.

Benefits of Integrative Medicine

The benefit of integrative medicine is numerous, especially for those with complex illness. It focuses on safety while maximizing general wellbeing with improved healthcare services. It uses a disease-focused therapy approach with conventional medicine and a healing-oriented approach with complementary medicine that improves appetite, cognitive function, relief from pain, fatigue, nausea, and restful sleep.

Disadvantages of Integrative Medicine

Like every other aspect of medicine, integrative medicine has potential benefits and risks. Potential risks encountered with integrative medicine include:

Complex care plans

Patients involved in integrative medicine are involved with more than one healthcare provider of different specialties. Under this type of care plan, patients have numerous appointments with all these providers, which is very good, although keeping up with all the appointments can be overwhelming for the patient.

Keeping up with appointments can be strenuous for the patients making them avoid some therapeutic modalities, which can generally affect their overall recovery.

Conflicting therapeutic recommendations

Therapeutic recommendations from different health care providers can be a source of disagreement about the best course of treatment activities for the patient.

Conventional medicine and complementary medicine are based on different philosophies, creating a bone of contention when recommending treatment modalities for patients.

Complications and interactions

Although not quite common, it occurs in some cases. Some conventional medicines have side effects that can interact with complementary treatment, which can be life-threatening.


Like all aspects of medicine, Integrative medicine has numerous benefits. However, there are still risks involved when choosing this path for treatment.






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