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Increase Your Instagram Engagement Rate in 2022

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How to Increase Your Instagram Engagement Rate Organically in 2022

The worst thing about the update is that even people who have pressed the Follow button voluntarily don’t get to see your content if it’s not interacted with often. This article will cover several ways you can increase your Instagram ER.check now


How do you calculate the Instagram engagement rate

The engagement rate on Instagram is an important metric. It shows how your audience reacts to your content and if they respond to it all. It can be calculated in several ways:

  • To calculate the ER for an account, you can first take the total number (likes) and comments, divide it by the real follower’s count and multiply it by 100%.
  • ER = (likes + comments) / all followers x 100%
  • You can even add shares and saves to reactions and calculate the formula taking them into account.


2. determine the ER of an account, sort posts and users by ER, and find out about the ER for other users.


We  allows you to learn your ER. Log in to your Instagram account, then go to Profile. Your account data will also be displayed alongside the ER. You can also sort users and posts according to their ER. The tool will automatically calculate your ER for you.

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3. Reach affects engagement rate


This is a representative formula since the reach is an essential metric in social media marketing. If the space is not high, then followers are meaningless.


This formula will help you calculate the ERR.


ERR = reactions/ reach x 100%


4. Engagement rate per post.


This ER represents the average Instagram engagement for a particular post. This formula is typically used to calculate this metric.

ERP = Reactions / Followers x100%

It is important to remember that this formula only calculates the ER for one post. If you need to determine the ER for an account’s user, this formula may not be the best choice. You must consider the 10-12 most recent posts if you want to determine the audience and quality of an influencer’s content.


What is a good engagement rate?

It depends on what account you have. Small budgets, typically between 1000 and 3000, often have ERs of 10-15%. It’s normal for the ER to drop as the account grows. This is an organic process.

Instagram pages with large followings often have engagement rates of around 2-5%. Accounts with millions of followers have an average engagement rate of 3% or less. This is not a tragedy.

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How can you increase your Instagram engagement?

Understanding that engagement rates drop as followers increase (comprar 100k seguidores instagram) is a key factor in increasing your ER. It’s never too late for you to improve your ER.


What are some ways to increase your Instagram engagement?


  • Improve your content quality.

Your audience may be bored, which is why ER is so low. You can avoid this by trying different content formats. Stories with stickers, IGTV Series, and IGTV Series are good options. Create viral challenges and captions that are useful and “savable.” Your content must be useful and entertaining to grab your followers’ attention.

You can also track which content is performing well and eliminate those that don’t work. Instagram Insights allows you to monitor your content’s performance.


Find out the best time to post on Instagram.

Although it’s impossible to publish content every day and reach your audience simultaneously, you can still get insight into when your audience is online. These data can be accessed via Instagram analytics.

This will make it easier to schedule your Instagram content. a post and story planning tool that allows you to publish Instagram content even if your internet connection is unavailable. This is especially useful if you have a diverse audience.

  • Using our service, you can also add a hyperlink in your bio, repost others’ Instagram posts, tag others, add location, hashtags, and schedule stories.
  • Analyze your current audience.
  • Your ER will drop if your Instagram followers tab contains bots, mass followers, celebrities, Instagram stores, and any other audience that is not relevant to your account.
  • It would be best if you got rid of ghost followers. we makes it easy to unfollow people who aren’t your target audience.

You need to identify the areas to improve: engagement rate per post, reach, ER by reach, or go.
The solution may be different if the reach is small. Target ads, influencer marketing, and interaction with your target audience will all be necessary to increase space in such cases.

You should focus on content quality if the ERR is low. This issue usually means that many people view your content but do not want to interact with it.


Please communicate with your audience and engage them.

You can reply to their comments, questions, and stories by sending direct messages or answering their questions. You can comment and like their posts. Randomly choose some followers to like and comment on their posts. Your presence will be noticed.

you can use different tools for instagram like Picuki which helps you to find tags, profiles. This is an amazing editor and viewer. And you can also use different igtools for attract more followers.




What is the killer of Instagram engagement?

Mass liking, commenting, and shoutout for a callout (SFS), “like to like,” and similar mechanisms CAN NOT kill the ER. Bots, mass followers who don’t see your content, boring giveaways, and generic giveaways can harm your engagement rate. These giveaways can attract people who don’t care about you as a creator or brand.

Because you give something away, they follow you. They will become ghost followers if they don’t leave you after the giveaway. They don’t care much about your content and won’t interact with it. This guide will show you how to hold giveaways that won’t kill your account.


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