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Ideal Itinerary for Andaman

Andaman and nicobar island
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No matter how many days you visit Andaman it will always feel less. Exploring and adventuring in a beautiful place like Andaman is the dream of each and every traveller. Still, we have made a budget-friendly and sweet simple but an adventure trip for you all. 


Day 1: Port Blair 


You will first arrive at Port Blair and check into your assigned hotel. If you have booked your hotel rooms and advance then you will have a Hassle-free check-in. After you are refreshed we can leave for Corbyn Cove beach which is admired by each and every tourist visiting there each year. Also, this is the place where you can experience the historical and patriotic feeling of the sound and light show depicting the Indian freedom fighters in the historical monument, the cellular jail. After enjoying your first wonderful day you can go back to the hotel, have your dinner and rest overnight. 


Day 2: Havelock Island 


After having a very tasty and healthy breakfast you can move to Havelock beach. It is heaven on the beaches. You can have a very ride along the glittering and crystalline waters and head towards the Radha Nagar beach which is one of the best beaches in Asia attracting millions of tourists from all around the world. You can swim around near the shows in the crystalline and blue waters and among the splendid landscapes having a beautiful and expandable sky about it. People visiting Andaman and Nicobar Islands always visit Havelock Island as it is one of the top tourist places in Andaman. If you haven’t visited Havelock Island then you have not seen Andaman. After having a salty and Sandy day at the beaches you can say overnight at Havelock Island. 


Day 3: Second Day at Havelock Island


Just imagine you wake up with a wide and unexplainable view of crystalline turquoise water just in front of you the moment you open your door; what more beautiful morning than this can be. I don’t know about anyone else but this would be my dream of waking upon such a beautiful island with its unparalleled landscape of Havelock. Trust me this will be your morning on the third day of your Andaman and Nicobar trip. After having your delicious breakfast you can go sightseeing on the Havelock beach and how can you forget to sunbathe by clicking the best Instagram postable pictures. These will be the most amazing and wonderful moments of your life or you can say a dream moment of your life. You will have your second-day sightseeing and adventuring at Havelock Island and have your second overnight day here. 


Day 4: Kalapathar beach


After having the best breakfast and Havelock you will check out from the allotted hotel room and move for another adventurous beach trip at KalaPathar beach. We will head on to KalaPathar beach. This will be another great experience here. You can give this blended landscape of Havelock as well as the Andaman Islands from different views and angles.

Have a look at the Bluewater and click the best pictures which you will be adoring after the trip is over. After spending and visiting the entire day at Kala Patthar beach we will have a delicious dinner and then move back to Port Blair to rest in the hotel. Just as the name is unique to the beaches, the beach is unique in itself. The beauty of this place will not let you leave this place. Once you reach Port Blair you can relax and prepare for the next day’s travel as it will be the day for you to say goodbye to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 


Day 5: Back home 


You will check out of the hotel and make sure to take up all your belongings, pack your bags accurately, have breakfast and then you will be headed to the airport. Although you will be missing this beautiful place you will be back with an infinite number of memories and Andaman is not going anywhere you can come back with another tour package with more exciting attractions and more days for you to spend in this wonderful and amazing heaven in India. 


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