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IB Schools Are Perfect For The Curious 21st Century Learners in India: Here’s Why!

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IB or International Baccalaureate is the talk of the town and has a lot of attention in India. As the nation brims with young minds that always want to know, a dynamic and challenging curriculum is the need of the hour. So, if you are a parent who has seen the spark of curiosity in your child and is looking for the top schools in Delhi, then an IB school would be perfect for you. Any child between the ages of 16 to 19 can join this program. After completing the program, the candidate will be awarded a diploma from their IB school

Some of the top schools in Delhi have an IB curriculum, and these reputed institutes can help your child consolidate their future. An IB diploma would give your child the credential they need to follow their preferred career trajectory, be it their dream college or other professional courses. Here’s a minor breakdown of why an IB school would do well for your child and their future. 

Your child will have a higher chance of getting accepted to top universities and colleges than other candidates without an IB degree. The reason is that the IB course is more hands-on and engaging than traditional courses. 

Are you worried that your child might not qualify for that scholarship they are aiming for? Well, an IB graduate can worry less. Given the diversity in an IB curriculum, students are more desirable as candidates applying for scholarships. Moreover, IB is internationally recognized. An IB graduate is trained in research practices and taught diverse perspectives in both global and local contexts. This gives a student a competitive edge over others pursuing traditional courses. 

As learners, students from the IB course go through a holistic learning process. It makes these kids global players. Most importantly, students can develop deep emotional intelligence and a mind that’s always curious. 

The pervasive problem kids face during learning is retaining whatever they have learned. IB solves that by using concept-centric learning. Here students are taught concepts rather than encouraged to memorize them. The IB program decentralizes traditional education and helps your child think outside the box. 

India is a nutritious ground for entrepreneurship. Indians run several big tech companies in the world. Every child blooms into their potential from 16 to 19 years of age. You need to ensure that their ideas, creativity, and conviction are nurtured with care. An IB curriculum can do justice to your child’s future by pushing them into the right career trajectory. 

So, what do you think of IB schools? Planning to get your child into an IB school? Some of the top Delhi schools provide this curriculum, which you can find from a straightforward web search. 



How old should my child be for the IB program?

Your child must be between 16 to 19 years of age for an IB program in India. 


Are IB schools recognized?

Many international colleges and universities recognize IB programs as equivalent to traditional courses. 


How is IB school different from a regular school?

IB schools offer both middle school and career courses, whereas traditional courses are restrictive

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