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How to setup your Canon printer

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To set up a Canon ij.start.cannon quickly, place it in the suggested spot within a few minutes of installation and software installation. Once successfully set up, it can start printing, faxing, copying, and all other features. The guide below will walk you through this process without any trouble from now on.

How to setup a Canon IJ

Canon’s On-line IJ Setup process has four preliminary steps – printer hardware setup, downloading ij.start.cannon on-line IJ Setup, installing the software, and connecting to a device or system. When everything settles properly, the printer should be ready to print. Components shipped with your Canon IJ printer include the following items: a Canon Setup CD, power cord, and inks and manual satellite-internet

How to unbox your Canon printer with Tech Buffer.

Don’t unbox your printer and miss out on critical tips: follow our guide to set-up, learn the proper procedures for hardware setup steps such as cable and power cord configuration.

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  • Find out how to unbox your ij start cannon printer
  • Buy Canon ink for your printer
  • Take off the plastic and protective tapes
  • Unboxing my Canon Printer
  • Unbox a Canon printer
  • How to unbox your Canon printer and load ink.
  • Close the output cover and ensure that the display shows 1.
  • Make sure you have the Paper Support out before loading papers.
  • How to use my canon printer
  • Visual guide for how to navigate through the Canon Ij setup.

Get the steps for downloading Canon setup

Downloading canon driver download printer drivers and software online or by using the official support site is easy to process. You also can install Canon IJ setup CD as an offline option. Printing with the latest canon drivers is smooth and efficient, so try this method:

How to download Canon printer setup

  1. Visit to download its manual
  2. Canon Set Up: How to get the printer working
  3. Follow the steps in the shown box to download Canon setup
  4. After choosing your camera’s model, find the download tab
  5. How to Install Canon Printer Software

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