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How to Setup Wavlink Wifi AP/Router

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Are you not sure about Setting up the Wavlink router? We are aware of this. Because many users have the same issue on the initial stage. No issues, we are a number of ap.setup steps to resolve the issue.

Some Configurations Of Web Utility

In addition to a web browser it is easy to manage the AP/ router. It can be used on any web utility Window. The web browser which is in connection with Windows Macintosh is Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft the Internet Explorer.

On Unix OS – We use Apple safari,  the below steps are given to help you through the login process of the router:

  1. The IP address automatically sets up the TCP/ IP Protocol while obtaining the automatic mode on your computer.
  2. Attach your other devices to the computer. 

Wired Connection:

First turn off the WiFi on your PC and then connect the ethernet cable through the port of your computer. 

This is it. It is that simple. 

Wireless Ready For Configurations:

  1. To start the process, search for the SSID (network name) and then, fill the Wireless Password which is available on the router.
  2. Just select the network icon on the computer, or you can select the WiFi settings of the device. In addition to joining the SSID network.

What Is Wifi Wavlink Com Ap Setup Wizard?

Wavlink WiFi AP Setup is a portal: Which is used to perform the Wavlink Extender Setup and change the settings accordingly. 

Although most of the users do not even know how to access it without login in.

You can take the privileged assistance to access the WiFi AP Setup wizard with such easy steps.  

  • First power up your WiFi Wavlink Extender and attach it properly with the router or extender.
  • Then, just switch it on the computer or the laptop you want to connect. 
  • In addition, open the web browser and type
  • After entering the web address the Wavlink login page will appear on your screen. 
  • Now, just enter the default password of the Wavlink extender.
  • You will be taken to the wifi wavlink com app setup wizard.

Given above tips are proven as the best ones, You can easily access the app setup wizard. Now, change the settings of your Wavlink WiFi extender aa you want them to be. If you still need help then you need to talk with the Internet Service Provider. 

Troubleshooting Tips To Consider

There could be some errors like login IP address might not be functioning, or the site is not available.

  • Check properly whether the WiFi networks you are using are the same WiFi networks.
  • You can access the device by reaching the Ap.Setup page and do not forget to write everything in a proper order.
  • At last just verify that your antivirus software is not blocking the URL of the Extender on your Laptop or your PC.  

Pros of Using Access Point Mode

  • Make sure to see the signal strength of your WiFi Extender while placing it at any location. So that you no need to face any obstacles.
  • The access point creates its own traffic, when it is connection within an extender to an ethernet cable. Which helps the router to maximize the signal speed and connection as well.  
  • The best places to place the WiFi extender and router is where there are less physical obstacles and small distances are issues when establishing stable Wi-Fi connections.

Cons of Using Access Point Mode

  • The range of the Wi-Fi extender can face the limitations because of a cable connection.
  • Using the more internal speed, like up to 1 Gbps, you can use Cat5 to maximize the internet speed.
  • To Achieve the highest speed you might need a Cat6 cable to make  almost 1 GBPS or higher internet speeds

Antennas Also Play An Important Role

Like, we are doing the inner setting and login page setting. Same we have to do with the antennas. Just bend the antennas in perpendicular directions as it can take the range from everywhere.  


By the medium of our articles. But if you feel that your extender is in need of verification and credentials are still up for change then, you can use But the issue still persists on your path then call your ISP. 


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