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How to Run Android Apps on Windows 10?

Run Android Apps on Windows 10
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Approximately 7.5 billion people are living in nearly 250 countries collectively. It is interesting to note that more than 2.5 billion of them use an android device. It comprises more than 190 countries. And according to Microsoft, more than 1.3 billion devices are running Windows 10. So, both of these platforms hold the largest share of the global market of operating systems. Every user wants to get both of these operating systems on one platform. In this article, you will learn how to run android apps on windows10. 

Android Operating System

This operating system was launched in 2007 and named an open-source android project (AOSP). Android means a robot with a human appearance. It was created by Andy Rubin and mostly developed by Google. Andy named it android because of its features. It was considered the best user-friendly OS for mobiles. Before android, there were two competitors in the global market. Apple and Palm operating systems. But android rapidly took them over in the early 2010s. Because of its wonderful features, big industries like Samsung, LG, and HTC adopted it right away. And android completed its first billion in just three years. Google noticed the progress of the android and started to develop it in more effective ways. Google launched its platform to run android apps, called the google play store, the biggest apps hub of mobile phones having 3 billion apps and more than 100 billion downloads.

Windows 10 Operating System

Microsoft is the world’s most accepted operating system. And it released windows 9x, 95, 98, Me, Windows NT, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 in 2007, which was again a revolutionary update, windows8 series, and then in July 2015, windows 10. Windows 10 is the leading operating system for personal computers worldwide. In 2020, it held 88% of the usage share of the devices used by people globally. After the release of Windows 8, feedback from the people was not very good. Windows 8 was not considered a user-friendly version of windows. Then windows did all the remedies and achieved the first place in the list of operating systems. Before windows 10, windows OS was not recommended to run android apps. But thanks to Microsoft, it is possible now to run android apps on windows 10.

How To Run Android Apps On Windows 10

According to an assignment writing firm, the idea to support and run android apps on windows is presented in the preview of Windows 11. And the constant version of windows 11 will be launched in September of this year. It is possible to run android apps on windows10 also. But not all the phones support this feature; few apps can be run on the windows. There are other ways to use apps on windows via emulators.

Upgrade Your Windows

First of all, you must have windows10 running on your personal computer. It must have installed an update of October 2019 or later. Check the version of your windows. For this purpose, go to the start menu and click on settings. Choose the option of update and security. There will be a button check for updates. Press it, and windows will check for the latest updates. Make sure you are not using the pirated version. The latest version of the windows is May 2021. The build number of the latest version is 10.0.19043 and is denoted as 19043. The code name of this version is 21H1. You can manually download this version from the Microsoft website as well.

Upgrade Your Mobile Phone

After the installation of the latest update of Windows 10, check whether your phone is up to date or not. First of all, you need to upgrade the operating system of your mobile. Mind you that not all the phones are supported to run android apps on windows. Only Samsung galaxy phones are counted in the list yet. The latest version of android is 11.0, released in September 2020. Unlike the other versions, 11.0 does not have a name yet. But the code name of 11.0 was red velvet cake. Update the Android version. Update all the apps on your mobile.

Link Your Phone With PC And Run Apps

After updating the PC and the mobile, make sure that they connect to the same Wi-Fi network. Then use the windows application of phone; add your phone, and an option to sign in with Microsoft will appear. Sign in to get your application on the desktop. You will see the app’s shortcut menu. Select to run the android apps of your choice. Every app will open in a different window. Enjoy your android apps on your personal computers. Navigation of the apps is very easy. Microsoft has explained that you can run android apps with the help of a mouse and keyboard. A single click of the mouse will represent a single tap on the mobile screen. Right-click will represent the back page option. A long press click will represent the long press hold on the mobile. The scroll of the mouse can be used to navigate between pages.


There is no need to wait for windows 11. If you are a Samsung Galaxy phone user that supports a screen mirroring option, you can run android apps on your personal computer having windows 10. We have mentioned the whole procedure, which is very easy to follow.

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