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  • A Pakistani Passports Renewal is an essential document. Without a passport traveling from one country to another is impossible.
  • You must have a passport to a country if you need to visit any other country in the world.
  • Moreover, for traveling, you must have a valid passport. You will not be able to travel to any country if your passport is expired and even if it is due to be expired any time within six months.
  • So, if there is a need for you to travel and your Pakistani Passport is expired, you do not need to worry. You can get your passport renewed online with Nadra Card Centre UK.
  • To begin, go to and complete the forms under the Apply now tab.
  • Then a case agent from Nadra Card Centre will contact you and ask you to submit the necessary paperwork in order to renew your Pakistani passport in the United Kingdom.

Documents Required for Renewing Your Passport (Machine-Readable).MANDATORY

  1. A copy of your electronic National Identification Card is required.
  2. A duplicate of your old passport (first two pages).
  3. Minors’ attestation form (in the case of a minor).
  4. NOC stands for No-Objection Certificate (in the case of an employee of the Government of Pakistan).
Pakistani Passports Renewal
Pakistani Passports Renewal

Note: Depending on the nature of your application, you may also include the following papers in addition to the ones listed above.


In addition to the obligatory documents, the following documents may be required if the candidate is under the age of 18:

  1. FRC (Family Registration Certificate) or NICOP (NICOP Can Be Processed Online).
  2. A copy of each parent’s national identification card.
  3. Computerized B-form copy
  4. Death Certificate Copies (if either parent has passed away).
  5. A certificate of guardianship.
  6. Affidavit of Minor Attestation

Our Agent Will Fill out And Handle Your Passport Renewal Application After You Submit Your Documents, And You Will Receive Your Renewed Passport at Your Doorstep.


  • You will not be able to Travel with a valid Pakistani passport if your ID card is expired!
  • But luckily, you can get this sorted at Nadra Card Centre! Nadra Card Centre also facilitates Pakistani ID card Renewal UK, that too online!
  • As the procedure of Pakistani Passport Renewal in the UK, ID card renewal is very easy and convenient.
  • You simply have to contact us through the ‘apply now’ form, and the customer support agent will contact you.
  • You will have to submit the required set of documents, and then your form will be processed.
  • After all the necessary procedures, your Nadra Card application will be forwarded to Nadra Head Office, where it will be verified and approved. Then your card will be sent for printing, and then it will be dispatched to the mailing address provided by you.
  • Within the mentioned time frame, you will get your card at your home! Once you have your valid passport along with the valid Nadra Card, you can easily Travel to your desired destination without any hassle!

Why Choose Nadra Card Centre UK For Passport Renewal?

Passport renewal can be very tiring. You will have to stand in long lines at the embassy or fill out endless paper works and application forms if you apply at the embassy on your own. People with busy schedules and long working hours find it difficult to complete the procedure of renewing their passports on their own. Thus, Nadra Card Centre assists them.

At Nadra Card Centre, not only are you saved from the hassle of the hectic form-filling process but your time is also saved. All the application is completed by our agents while you sit back and relax at your homes.

Once approved, we deliver your renewed machine-readable passport right to your mailing address!


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