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How to Make Most Excited and Funny wedding card boxes for New Couple

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Wedding card boxes are a decorative piece that holds cards, envelopes, and other materials. People often use it at a wedding to display cards and gifts from guests to the bride and groom.

We can make a card box from any material, but it is most often made of wood or paperboard. Users usually decorate card boxes with ribbons, lace, or other decorations. We can also customize them with messages such as “Just Married!” or “Mr. & Mrs.”

The best thing about these card boxes is that they are customizable. You can put your own personal touch on them by adding a photo of the couple or putting their favorite song as the background music.

Wedding card boxes are a great way to make a creative and memorable gift for the new couple. There are many ways to make them, but today we will focus on ones that will add a touch of excitement to the whole process.

Get the right materials for your wedding card boxes:

if you have the time and the resources, then why not make a wedding box for your beloved couple yourself? All you need is the right type of materials and supplies. If you have a thorough plan of how and what you want to make your box look like. You can easily find out the manufacturing supplies from any art shop near you.

You can even come up with a perfect looking wedding package from paperboard. However, using cardboard or any other sturdier and more sustainable material is much more suitable for this purpose. You can even try recycling any of your old boxes that may seem suitable for the purpose.

If you are short on time and the wedding came in as a surprise, you can try some valid online packaging vendors for this purpose. If the couple is a near and dear one of yours, then this trivial investment will definitely bring you long term benefits.

Print funny taglines on your wedding card boxes:

The most exciting and funny wedding boxes are those that have a funny message or a question that needs answering.

You can make a card box with a funny message on the top of it. For example, “Congratulations on your new marriage! You are now stuck with each other for the rest of your lives.”

You can also make a card box that is really exciting. One way to do this is to put a mirror inside and have it say, “Congratulations! Now you have two faces to kiss!”

Make sure that your tagline makes your recipients crack up and have a hearty laugh. Also, do keep in mind that your taglines should be just as funny as your relationship with the couple may allow them to be. Remember, your motive is to make them laugh and relax and not insult them in any way whatsoever.

Try funny shapes:

This type of box is made by cutting out funny shapes from paper, sticking them onto cardboard or foam board, and then arranging them in a box. It looks like the new couple has received something they can laugh about for years to come!

Funny shapes on your wedding packaging would not only amuse the couple, but they would also make the other attendants break a smile.

You can try to imitate the favorite cartoon characters of the bride or the groom as the shape of your package. If you do not want to delve into cutting the shape of the box into a complex cartoon character. You can try taking out a gloss print of the character and pasting it on the box.

You can also get your box in the shape of a pop up package. When the couple opens the box, a funny character or shape would pop up on their face. They would feel a great surprise and end up laughing.

Add some kind of decoration to make it more personalized and special.

If you want to include some decorations, you can use ribbons or stickers to decorate your custom boxes. The best way to make an exciting box is by using the box itself. You can do this by cutting out the top of the box and putting it back together, so it looks like an envelope. You can also use wrapping paper for the card and then cut out a window on one side of the paper so you can see inside.

Paper motives are a great decorative item that can be pasted to the boxes easily without causing much of a hassle. They are also very easy to make yourself as well. You can try to come up with some fancy paper motives, such as a dove or a butterfly. Paint it with neon or glitter paints and paste it into your box. It will surprise you to see how such a small step will completely revamp the way your cards come out.

Add pictures:

For those who want to make their wedding boxes more exciting and funny, they can do so by adding some of these elements:

-Add a picture of you with the bride or groom

-Add a photo of them as a child with their parent(s)

-Include pictures of their pets or other family members that are important in their life

-Include photos from the couple’s engagement party

Adding pictures to your cardboard boxes is a great way to bring back old memories and rejoice in them. This also excites an emotional outburst in the hearts of the beholders. If you add some unmistakably memorable pictures to your boxes, rest assured that your recipients will not only get excited by looking at them. But they will also try to retain your boxes for as long as possible.

These are just some of the ways by which you can make some funny, exciting, and creative wedding card boxes for a new couple that is about to set out on their life journey together. A wedding is a happy and stressful day. Why not help the couple ease down a little by looking at your box and feeling the love and care that you have put into designing them.

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