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How to Make Money With Prize Bonds

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In this competitive world, everyone wants to win the prize bonds and earn money. But it is not a very easy task because winning the prize depends on various factors like luck, skills, knowledge and others. In order to win a prize or any amount, you need to do different types of activities. There are so many competitions and prizes that offer the amount of Rs. 1000 only. Nowadays, most of the people want to win this amount but they cannot achieve it, because you need to do a lot of hard work in order to win this prize.

But now, the people have a wonderful opportunity to win Rs.1000 prize in an easy way. This prize bond is one of the most amazing ways to make money and win big prizes. If you want to win Rs.1000 and get the amount within a short period of time, then you must join this prize bond scheme.

Here is the list of Prizewinning Date, Prize Bond Schedule Winning Amount, Rs.1000 Prize Bond Winning Date and Other details:-

Prizewinning Date : Prize Bond

Date of prize draw for winning Rs.1000 is 10th May 2014. The schedule for prize draw for Rs.1000 is mentioned below.

Rs. 1000 Prize Bond Winning Amount:

The winning amount of Rs.1000 will be awarded to you if you submit the required details on time.

You can claim the prize bond in the given cash prizes if you do not submit the information before the deadline.

Prize Bond Winning Dates:

If you want to win Rs.1000 prize, then you should fill the details of your identity and mobile number and send it to the given mail ID.

You will receive the payment through your given mobile number and email address.

Prize Bond Booking

Once you fill the application form, you can make the booking of the prize by filling the details of the given address and submitting it on time.

Now, you will receive the prize coupon within 2 working days by post.

The prize bond or prize certificate is a financial security scheme which provides the holder with an opportunity to receive the full amount at a specific date in the future. These bonds are issued by Pakistani government or private organizations with their main aim to raise funds for public works, welfare programs and educational development projects.

Prize bonds are an easy way to gain interest on your investment. For instance Barwaqt Loan, if you have a prize bond with a fixed rate of return and invest $1000 for 1 year, you would get $10 back per year. However, for investing for 10 years, the amount will be more than the original amount invested. This is because the return on the bond has increased.

Prize bonds are often issued as part of a tax scheme. The holder of the bond receives tax deduction for the interest payment. For example, if you buy a $100 prize bond with a yearly interest rate of 3%, you will receive a deduction of $3 every year. Therefore, you pay only $97 each year on the bond.

It is possible for prize bonds to be traded through the secondary market, but that depends on the issuer’s rules. Some may accept the bonds to be sold only once whereas others may allow them to be resold. Also, some organizations only sell the bond at the beginning of the year while others may continue selling them throughout the year.

Now, let’s understand how to buy and sell prize bonds:

How to buy prize bonds:

To buy a prize bond, you need to complete a form that is sent to you after you register for the scheme. After registration, you will receive an ID number, which you can use to check your accounts online. Your account may be located at any of the branches or agencies listed by the government or the organization.

Most prize bonds are issued for five years, but the amount you invest in the bond will vary. For example, you can invest in the bonds for one year, three years, six years or ten years.

After you make your investment, you must send it to the issuing agency. If you want to collect your return earlier than the normal return period, you can submit an early claim for your prize bond. However, if you submit an early claim, you will lose the interest due to the early claim.

There are also other ways of gaining the prize bond:

By applying through the Post office

A post office box is provided to the applicants. A certificate of the winning ticket is then mailed to the applicant. The winner’s information will also be sent to the local post office.

At the Post office, applicants must pay for the postage. When the certificate is sent, the applicant will have to collect his/her certificate from the Post Office or agency and bring it to the branch. After this, the branch will give the applicant his/her prize money. You should also read about imamia jantri.

You can also win the prize by going to the Post office and collecting your prize bond. In this case, you will not be required to pay for the postage or any other charges.

By calling up a toll-free number

This scheme offers another method of obtaining the prize bond. After applying, you will receive a phone number. You can call this number if you have any query regarding your application. The phone number of the lottery agency is published in newspapers and on television.

By visiting the office

To get your prize bond, you must visit the lottery office. The application process for this scheme involves filling out a form and presenting necessary documentation.

After that, the office will ask you to deposit an amount. This amount will be given to the prize bond issuer as interest. You will be notified by mail when your prize bond has been issued.

When you collect your prize bond, you will need to bring a valid ID and a copy of the certificate. If you do not have a valid ID, you can get one easily. Most organizations do not require it.

For more details, please visit our website and learn about how to earn prize bonds.


This is one of the best ways to make a profit, especially in the present time. Because now, people are busy in earning money in different ways, so this kind of scheme is a great way to make profit in a short time.

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