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How To Execute a House Shifting with Elderly Family Members?

How To Execute a House Shifting with Elderly Family Members
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Shifting your house from one place to another is a tedious episode in your life. It is just as stressful whether you are moving alone or with your entire family. Yet if you have elderly members in the family, shifting houses can become both back-breaking and nerve-racking at the same time. Now you must be thinking that it is a tough challenge to move with the elders? No, it is not if you know the right ways to deal with the situation. In this article, I will tell you how to execute a house shifting with elderly family members.

This is how you should lay out a plan to execute a house shifting with elderly family members to make it a delightful experience:

Discuss and learn their preferences

When you are shifting with elderly family members like your parents or grandparents, you cannot expect your move to be customised keeping your priorities on top. Your parents or grandparents will have their preferences; hear them out. You have to know about their penchants first to put them to practice if feasible. Moreover, the elderly people have experience of a lifetime to bestow us with. You never know, their ideas and advice may make your house shifting more practical and cost-effective.

Prepare in advance

Prepare your move way ahead of the day of your move. You have to carry out a lot of tasks and each task has to be done in a specific way. Make a plan for the entire relocation process. Most importantly, figure out the mode of house shifting. Discuss with the family members whether you want to move by yourself or hire packers and movers. Fix a budget for house shifting from Hyderabad to Pune according to your preferences. Choose the right time for the move. If you want to choose the days to make your move more cost-effective, opt for the weekdays in the middle of the month during the off-season.

De-clutter the house

You are living with your parents or grandparents, your household is more cluttered with all the belongings accumulated throughout different generations. If you think of packing and moving all these things all by yourself, it will take you an eternity to complete the process. If you want to hire packers and movers to move everything in the household, the moving cost will give you a heart-attack! The best solution to this problem is de-cluttering your belongings.

Separate the essentials from the in-essentials in your household. Carry only the essentials so that your move is manageable and lightweight. Cutting down the size of your move will cut down the moving costs to a good extent. You can sell, donate, or discard the in-essential items according to their current form and usage.

Make a checklist

As you plan your house shifting, make a checklist to organise the move to the T. You should jot down the names of all the belongings that you want to carry from your current house to your new house. You can make different lists for different rooms to make things more systematic. Again schedule your move by chalking out the tasks and assigning them to be done on specific days. By doing so, you will complete the tasks within the specified time. There will be no last-minute rush in your shifting process.

Pack the pricey possessions

Since you are living in the same house for two or three generations, your household must be having heirlooms and pricey possessions like precious pieces of jewellery and valuable artefacts. You cannot move them through packers and movers. You have to move them on your own even if you hire a professional moving company. So, pack them in a particular bag before the day of your move and keep them safe in a vault in your wardrobe.

Pack the important documents

Just like the jewellery and valuable artefacts, some of the documents are important likewise. Your identity proof documents like Aadhar card, voter ID card, PAN card, work certificates, educational certificates, legal documents, etc. are some of the irreplaceable documents. Keep them safe in a specific folder and store them in a specific place.

Pack the essentials

As you shift from your present house to your new house, you will need some of the essentials right on the first day. You cannot search through all the packing boxes if you want a bedspread or your toothbrush the next morning. Thus, you have to pack them in a bag or a box separately so that you can get them whenever you need them. Pack the essentials like a fresh set of clothing and undergarments, towels, bedspread, dental kit, basic toiletries, etc. to make an essentials kit. Don’t forget to pack the medicines of the elderly family members which they take regularly.

Conduct a health check-up

Talking about medicines, you should conduct a complete health check-up of your parents or grandparents before going ahead with the house shifting. It is important to know about their present health conditions and whether they are eligible to travel long-distance or not. Conduct CBC, KFT, and lipid profile blood tests to know about their detailed physical condition.

Hire the professionals

It is an evident fact that moving with the senior citizens in your family is a bit more complicated than otherwise. If you think that you can conduct a DIY move in such a scenario, it will consume a lot of time. Moreover, the senior citizens cannot run around and perform house-shifting chores. It is going to be a knotty process and you need professional help to unknot the procedure. Hire professional movers and packers to carry out your house shifting without any hassle. You can also search for the best movers and packers online by entering the query ‘best packers and movers near me’. This will let you find the best shifting service providers in your area within your moving budget.

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All’s Well That Ends Well

House shifting is an arduous and complicated activity that can seem intimidating at times if you are moving with senior citizens. But don’t lose your calm even if the elders become cranky and demanding. You have to be patient and compassionate; after all, you owe your existence to them. Being a family means being together in the thick and thin throughout life. House shifting is a part of life; it is difficult but it is better together with your entire family. I hope you got an idea of how to execute a house shifting with elderly family members. I wish you a memorable move with your family!

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