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How to draw cross hockey sticks

How to draw cross hockey sticks
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How to draw cross hockey sticks

Learn to draw excellent hockey sticks with easy and cool drawings and step by step tutorials. Now you can easily create a magnificent drawing of hockey sticks. Hockey is a sport that can be played on ice, on the street, or outdoor land. While outdoor hockey matches are played with a ball, ice hockey uses a round, flattened washing machine. Hockey sticks and washing machines are symbols of par excellence of the game. The hockey sticks used by professionals are unique and specially designed to meet the preferences and functions of the individual player.


Zdeno Chara, the highest player in the National Hockey (NHL) league, has received special authorization to use a longer tree than is generally authorized. The lens supply lever is also different from that of other players. The blade, or the foot of the foot, is wider and is established at a different angle. Did you know? The Canadian History Museum has the oldest known ice hockey stick. It was made of sugar mane wood in the mid -the 1830s. Perhaps it was made by members of Mi’kmaq, an Amerindian people, who was known for playing ice hockey for some time.


Cross hockey sticks Drawing

Today, hockey sticks are made of other materials, such as aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. These current sticks are more lightweight but less durable than their inflexible ancestors. At first, hockey rings were also made of wood and were square instead of round. Later, the rubber balls were cut to create the flattened hockey washing machine. The word “washing machine” comes from a Scottish or Irish word that means “hit.” Would you like to draw a couple of hockey sticks, ready to play? With the help of this easy drawing and step-by-step tutorial, it is easy. All you need is a pencil, a pen or a marker and a sheet of paper.


Drawing Cross hockey sticks

Step 1:

Start drawing a straight and diagonal line. It will become one of the hockey sticks.

Step 2:

Draw a second right diagonal line parallel to the first. Describe the hockey lever tree.

Step 3:

Draw a curved line to connect the parallel lines at the top, finishing the end of the stick buttocks. Then use a long curved line to enclose the rounded finger in the form of a hockey stick club.

Step 4:

Take the hockey stick with curved lines, just above the heel, or fold the stick and the foot.

Step 5:

Draw a straight line diagonally at a perpendicular angle compared to the first hockey stick. Note how this line seems to pass behind the first hockey stick, mainly composed of two straight lines.

Step 6:

Draw straight lines parallel to the previous line, describing the tree of the second hockey stick. The two sticks should look like the letter “X.”

Step 7:

Clean the upper tree with a short curved line. At the bottom, use a long curved line to form the foot.

Step 8:

Take the stem of the hockey’s second stick just above the heel and foot. Note how the band in the second stick differs slightly from the first.

Step 9:

How to draw cross hockey sticks

Draw a little balanced oval between the fingers of the two hockey rods. Draw the straight lines that descend on each side of the oval and connect these lines using a curved line. This object is the hockey washing machine.

Step 10:

How to draw cross hockey sticks

Color your hockey sticks. Do not hesitate to color the sticks to match your favorite hockey teams.

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