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How To Create That Ultimate Outdoor Space?

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Who doesn’t love to be outdoors! Especially when the place is cozy and well done up. Beautiful outdoor spaces let you be amidst nature without travelling even a mile. They are the perfect spaces to take advantage of the weather and for dining, socializing, or even just catching a break.

So, how do you create a fantastic outdoor space that is not just enjoyable but also practical? Do you use your existing infrastructure and add new elements to it or create a new landscape from the scratch?

Our home styling specialists have curated some of the best in-season ideas for that ultimate outdoor space remodel. Read on to know more:

Things To Keep in Mind Before Creating Your Outdoor Space

Be it your porch area, patio, or garden, whichever space you are remodelling, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before setting off to do it. 

Before we share some great ideas, here are some things that you need to keep in mind before beginning your outdoor space project:

  • Know the purpose: Are you remodelling to create a space for yourself to relax and unwind or to entertain people. Is your space only for adults or does it need to be child and pet-friendly?
  • Layout: Every outdoor space must have a functional connection to the inside of the house. The same applies to your screens or hedges. Every element of the layout must seamlessly blend into one design scheme instead of looking like an eyesore. 
  • Combined surface: This means having a unifying balance between nature and hard spaces. For instance, combining trees and flower beds with chairs and granite blocks will give your space a balanced feel and vibe. 
  • Ambience: One of the most essential elements of any space is its ambience. This is usually created by including different elements such as water, fire, stones, lighting, and more. 

Design Ideas For A Beautiful Outdoor Space

Here are some great design ideas to create a unique and stunning outdoor space that matches your taste and style. 

A Calming Waterscape

There is nothing to beat the soothing sounds of flowing water. Imagine this beautiful sound right in your backyard! The best way to do is to create a fountain, stream bed or even a pond that is not just a gorgeous-looking feature but also makes its surroundings cooler. 

Create A Magical Garden

With all the concrete around us, we always long for greenery and the calming vibes that nature has. How about creating your secret magical garden right in your backyard where you can just rewind and escape the humdrum of life. 

Our experts suggest mixing elements like tall shrubbery, seasonal flowers, stone walkways, and a thin water stream thrown in. If your space and budget don’t allow it, you can even go for garden stones, hanging plants, and colourful pots. At our Home Flooring Design Centre, you can choose from the latest garden design elements for your outdoors.

Design a Friendly Bar Area

If you know that your get-togethers and parties will mostly be around flowing drinks, then there’s nothing like a bar in your outdoor space. Bar designs are perfect to give your space a wow holiday design. 

If you love tropical outdoors, install a rattan-style setup with a thatch roof. For a beachy vibe, add a palm tree and festoon lights. Another great idea is to have a bar designed in pretty and breezy pastels. It’s fun and perfect for lightening the mood. Add pops of colours with potted cacti and brightly coloured glassware.  

Design a Grill

Freshly-cooked hamburgers and drinks amidst sun-kissed surroundings are the perfect way to spend a holiday evenings. And your backyard can be just that neighbourhood favourite for the grills. Just add a grill station, barbecue, and a few chairs to create that perfect space. 

If you don’t have the time or budget for a hardscaped grilling station, look for freestanding kitchen carts and cabinets from our Home Floors Design Centre to create a stunning space. Whichever ideas you choose, just ensure that you take into account wind patterns and changing climatic conditions. Don’t follow trends or what everyone is doing. Just follow your unique style to create that perfect outdoor space to escape. For more such ideas, call us at (403) 984-4100 or visit our Home Flooring Design Centre . Our interior design specialists will help you create an outdoor space as unique as you are

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