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How to choose the right bicycle?

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One has quite stressed and busy lives these days. But in order to be in the right health and shape one needs to do some light exercise on a daily basis. If one cannot go to the gym or does not want to attend the gym, then there are other options like – brisk walking, running, swimming or cycling.

When it comes to fitness, cycling can be a great thing. It brings back the life on track. But for those who are thinking of beginning to cycle, they need to buy bicycles first and that too a correct one.

Choosing the correct bike is very crucial in this case. And if one knows the right things, then they can always make a better decision.

Things to think before buying

Before buying a bicycle, the first thing that one has to find an answer to is why one is buying them? There are quite a few varieties in the market available these days which serve different purposes. So, before buying a bicycle, one needs to have a very clear idea in their mind on where and how they are going to use them.

Here are a few questions to ask yourselves:

  • What do you want to do with the bicycle? Do you want it for weekend rides or planning to join a local riding club? Having the right answer can help one to choose the right one.
  • Where one wants to go riding that bicycle? Are you taking them to highways on weekend mornings to unleash the riding potentials? If the answer is yes, then one must look for road bikes when buying. If one wants to ride them to explore the local terrains (and it is a hilly area) then one must choose mountain bike. But if one wants to ride them in a city on a daily basis then one can easily go for a hybrid bike.
  • Also, how much skill one has to ride a bicycle is also important. Expensive bicycles some with expensive riding costs and if one does not want to use them often, then it can be quite a costly investment. Expensive bikes are mostly multi speed and they need proper maintenance from time to time. On the other hand, the single speed bikes come with fewer parts and so there is less maintenance cost.
  • Without a budget set, buying a bicycle can be quite a challenge. If one has a particular budget in mind, then one can decide on a particular brand and a bike type.

Once one has decided on all the above mentioned things and budget then they can finalise the right bicycle for them. One can choose them from either online cycle store or offline stores as both of them have quite a few varieties. Once the cycle is at home, one can ride them every day for evening exercise and to do daily chores as well. Cycling can be quite fun apart from being a regular exercise routine.


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