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It is against the law keeping woodpeckers for pets. Woodpeckers are birds of the wild and their numbers are declining. You are able to assist in the care of the injured or sick woodpecker until it is able to be brought to a rehabilitation center. Arizona Birds A typical animal rescue facility typically does not be able to take care of the woodpecker other than lay it down. It is not possible to keep the woodpecker when the bird is in good health.

Find out how serious the condition or injury

If you’re able to feel the woodpecker but it doesn’t disappear then it’s probably a problem. Be aware of any swellings, bleeding, or an unnaturally positioned limb.If you can, put some eye protection an animal carrier, an extra towel. If you have someone else with you, ask them to be with the bird for a while before you go to get the gear. Contact your vet or the local Department of Fish and Wildlife to get details on how to contact an animal rehabilitation facility is. If the woodpecker appears to be in trouble off, then it requires help from experts dealing with birds.

Maintain the birds temperature

This is crucial. Wrap the woodpecker with a towel and put it under your shirt, next to the skin.Don’t feed the bird during the cold season. It may eat, but is unable to absorb the food. It is possible that feeding it now will cause more harm than good. Once the bird is warmed up, you can give the warm Pedialyte to the bird, Gatorade or a mixture to help the bird get the needed fluids. Don’t offer cold drinks. Make a mix comprising 1 tablespoon salt and 3 tablespoons of sugar, and one 1 quart of water that is warm. Feed the bird every 15-30 minutes using an syringe, pipette, or eyedropper. Certain birds drink from spoons or water bowls, however,

they typically splash more fluid than they drink

Once the woodpecker is stable then wrap it in a towel, put it in the carrier, and then get there to the rehabilitation center.One of the primary and most important challenges to the rescue of an orphaned bird is determining if the bird really is orphaned. Do Birds Have Ears In most cases it is the bird’s mother close by and the baby bird isn’t in need of your assistance. In reality, your interference may be the last thing that the bird’s wants. However, there are some things you can do to aid, regardless of the situation.

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