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How do you grow the biggest indoor buds?

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Have you ever had an experience in producing fruitful marijuana? Some will say, Yes and some will say No !! Take it easy !! Here we apprise you with some advanced cannabis growing techniques. After doing that, you will say, I love growing marijuana. 


On the other side, for a high climate location like dessert, you need to have a grow room with proper lighting, heat sources, air exchange pumped out of the room and pumped into the grow room. Next, Use only potting soil to get your plants started, up potted when you see the roots coming out of the drain hole, use fertilizer only when your plants are on their third set of leaves. 


Here are some techniques whereby you can enlarge your yield quality. Also, you will embrace to say I love growing marijuana.  



Topping indicates the chopping off the peak of the cannabis. Consider helping them to grow thick and blossom. The farmers analyze these techniques; It’s not just used on Cannabis, It’s used in many other plants. Furthermore, topping will make your cannabis bushy and large.


Moreover, the topping makes your cannabis wider, healthier, and more robust. The topping and Pruning/horticulture is like the same procedure with different methods.



Lollipopping demonstrates extra, and unwanted parts of cannabis. It determines that the small branches and side branches need cutting off to make the cannabis bigger. Moreover, if you don’t want your small branches sucking your cannabis energy, then you would cut that cannabis off. However, it is supportive for cannabis to provide better air circulation. 


Monster Cropping

The monster cropping demonstrates that getting all stems/branches out of one branch. That’s why it’s known as a monster crop, as it seems. Monster Cropping is where you accept clones of a plant in the flowering phase and replant them. 


The monster cropping objective is to grow healthier yields.


Super cropping

Super cropping reveals how to keep the plant away from burning on the light by the same token, bending it once to get it to a new position. Reach, selecting where you are referring to curl/bend your plant and in which direction. 

Besides, hold the stem in your fingers and pinch, twist a bit until it bends/leans and softens. You will glimpse to achieve a 90-degree angle, allowing for extra space and for the buds to grow up again furthermore, all you need to be careful while doing this technique on your cannabis.


SOG (sea of green)

The SOG is an idea of growing small cannabis plants together. The advantage of SOG, you can easily harvest more quickly. The SOG method is also known as the low-stress technique. Growing together/balanced matures a canopy of buds under the light.


On balance

Undoubtedly, we can say that when you grow cannabis indoors, you need to take full advantage of your space. As a result, that’s why we instruct you to use some of these advanced cannabis growing techniques. After implementing that, you will say I love growing marijuana. 


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