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How Cold is Too Cold to Wash Your Car

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Car maintenance and care is a full-time job all on its own. In addition to knowing what products to use and how you clean your vehicle, you’ll be able to determine the best time to clean your vehicle. In this respect the most frequently asked question by car owners can be “How cold is too cold to wash your car?” or “When is it too cold to wash your car?”.

It is particularly important during winter, when the cold season begin.

The quick answer is that it is too cold to car wash if it is close to freezing or even below. Particularly, this means anything between and below 33 degrees F.

However there are many more vital information and tips to be found in this post. Keep to read for more!

How Cold is Too Cold to Wash Your Car

The point at which water is frozen is at 0 to 32 degrees Celsius which is 32° Fahrenheit. So, if your temperature is below this point it is not advisable to clean your vehicle. Why? because if you’re not fast enough after you wash your vehicle, it will be frozen.

Particularly, hinges, handles and locks will be frozen shut. I can assure you that nothing is more damaging than jambs on doors. While you might be tempted to quickly clean your car but it’s best to keep it until the temperature is rising.

The standard temperature for car washing should be 49 degrees F or more than. The optimal temperature lies between 50 to 89 degree.

So, does this mean that you shouldn’t clean your car during the winter? Absolutely no! It is a typical but fatal error made by motorists. It is essential that you wash your car throughout winter since, at this time of year, your car can be sprayed with salt-based compounds and deposits. Since roads are generally covered with salt to prevent slippery skidding the accumulation of salt is inevitable.

The most common result to this can be salt corrosion. That is the car’s components get sucked away by salt. The most vulnerable parts are the ones located under the car, such as the fuel line in your car. If you don’t wash your car in the winter months can damage its appearance. Then, you’ll be required to pay an enormous amount of money to fix the car.

Instead of an auto wash in cold weather, you can consider car wash services.

The options for car washing in winter include:

Touchless Car Washes

Touchless Car Wash is very simple. All you have to do is go through the process and wait for your car to be washed. They’re reasonably priced and you don’t need to fret about bursting your bank account!

But, the majority of touchless vehicle washes make use of high-pressure hoses that could cause salt to penetrate deeper into corners and crevices. They usually use harsh cleaning agents and chemicals that might not work with the paint or the design of the car’s surface.

Yet, at the exact at the same time, it is suggested that high-pressure hoses perform better job of eliminating hidden pollutants in difficult-to-access areas.

If you choose to go with an auto wash that is not touch-sensitive choose one equipped with high-performance dryers or blowers. This greatly increases the speed of drying time and speeds up the drying procedure and reduces the chance freezing water in or on your car.

Soft Touch Tunnel Washes

According to the name soft touch tunnel brushless car wash they use gentle foam as well as felt pads to scrub cars cleanse. They are effective in lifting the most difficult stains, which include organic matter such as insects, bird droppings and more. They also tackle difficult-to-reach areas very well, like rocker panels, rears and front license plates. You’ll surely receive the best clean when you use this tunnel washing.

But, they are more prone to abrasions and scratches. These are not just ugly, but can also be damaging to the wax coating. They are not suited to certain types of vehicles like the dual-wheeled truck.

If you choose to take this choice, make sure that you choose a company that has a solid reputation. The cheapest services may not provide the latest equipment and can do more harm than excellent. Make sure to select a service that has sturdy dryers and blowers to ensure the drying process is secure and eliminate the chance of frozen water accumulating anywhere on your vehicle.

Other Options to Consider

If you’re not a fan of auto washing services, use the suggestions below for washing your car yourself.

1. Clean your car in the heated garage

To reduce the negative effects of colder conditions, clean your vehicle in the warm garage. It can prevent the water that you use for washing your car from freezing and creating jambs. This means you’ll be able to fully dry your vehicle.

It might seem like something minor however, trust us when we say that it can make a huge impact.

2. Your car should be heated it prior to washing and then after.

If you’re washing the car yourself in a self-service car wash be sure to begin by turning on the engine and running it for at minimum 30 minutes before liquid is used. This will help the car and make it warm to counter the cold weather you’re washing it in.

After you’ve washed your vehicle and gone through the process of drying then turn on the engine once more and continue to run the vehicle for at least an additional 30 minutes. The warmth generated will ensure that no more water gets frozen on the car.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

1. Wash your car with hot water. your vehicle

It’s no surprise that hot water can ward off the cold weather you’re washing your vehicle in. Hot water can reduce the chance of freezing water on the outside of your vehicle. But, it’s crucial to avoid using boiling water since it could possibly damage the quality of the paint on your vehicle.

It could also remove the essential layer of wax that is on the car’s surface. It’s especially crucial to keep in mind because it is difficult to apply the wax when temperatures are below zero. If the wax has disappeared it is possible to expose your vehicle to the harsh elements. It could also result in expensive fixes in the near term.

2. Make sure to wash your car at lunchtime or at the beginning of the afternoon

It is recommended for you to clean your vehicle at lunchtime or towards the beginning of the afternoon since this time is the one when sun shines the brightest and emitting warmth. Also do not wash your car after the sun has gone down and it’s dark outside.

Make note of this in order to set a date for your car’s maintenance as well as maintenance schedule. While this might be a lot of adjustments to your routine be sure that it’s worth it.

3. Lubricate hinges, handles and locks

Make sure you purchase a full car cleaning kit or high-quality fluid for spraying or applying a light coat on the hinges on your car’s doors and handles, locks, keyholes, and latches. The coating will stop them from capturing moisture and causing the build-up of ice in cold weather.

You can locate them easily at local stores , or on online retailers and e-commerce websites. If you’re not sure where to begin, you might consider the following brands that are reliable: Permatex, DuPont, and 3M.


So you’ve come to the conclusion of this article about how frigid can be too frigid to clean your vehicle. It is now clear that washing your car that is below freezing is a huge no-no. There are many other options are available and some suggestions to keep in your bag. I hope that this has been useful.

If you have any additional concerns or questions please make a comment. We are always looking to hear the opinions of our followers. So, do not hesitate. Make sure you send this article to your family and friends or anyone else you think would enjoy the content.

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