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Honda Generators: Generator Selection Guide

Honda Generators
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While choosing a Honda Generator, you want to choose the model that will best suit your normal necessities. Normally, there are three purposes for Honda Generators:

1.) As a Home Backup Generator
2.) As a Recreational Use Generator
3.) For Industrial or Construction Use

Sporting and Home Use

The Honda EM and EU series of generators give astounding answers for sporting use generators. These more modest limit generators will likewise give the ability to a few home machines in case of a blackout. With convenient EU series units beginning at a 2000 wattage result to bigger wheel mounted units with results of 6500. The EU series is great for use as home reinforcement power. EM units offer more compact power and are brilliant for modern and development use.

The EU Series

The EU 2000i

The littlest EU series unit, the EU 2000i, has a handle for simple conveying. This unit makes effective work out of its one-gallon fuel limit. With a normal run-season of 9.6 hours on one gallon of fuel. The EU 2000i resolution a TV, satellite, an espresso pot, a fridge, and that’s just the beginning. This generator is exceptionally peaceful and incorporates an inverter to securely control PCs and other electronics. This little Honda Generators is the ideal decision for more modest families as a reinforcement power source. The unit is great for 120-volt apparatuses and electrical gadgets.

The EU 3000i and 3000iS

The EU 3000i Handi is a 3000-watt model that is not difficult to ship with a folding handle and wheels. The unit is incredibly calm and is intended to be lifted effectively with the offset handle plan.

The EU 3000iS is Honda’s 3000-watt model that incorporates an electric beginning switch. This unit holds 3.4 gallons of fuel and runs for as long as 20 hours on one tank. This tranquil model gives adequate ability to run the heater and most 13,500 BTU RV cooling units. This unit is likewise prepared to drive 120-volt gadgets and machines like microwaves. And a cooler, from there, the sky is the limit.

EU 6500iS

The EU 6500iS is the luxurious EU model that gives 6400 watts of capacity to 120 and 240-volt reinforcement. EU 6500iS is the ideal home reinforcement power source. Notwithstanding, this unit is likewise astounding for sporting/RVs, for use at places of work, and for open-air occasions. Mounted on haggles to ship, this unit has a 4.5-gallon fuel limit. Which will supply reinforcement power for as long as 14 hours. Furnished with an electric beginning switch, this unit incorporates. The Honda power inverter to supply power to PCs and other electronic gadgets.

Home Backup Systems

The EM Series

The EM series generators’ yield range begins at 4000 watts up to 6500 watts. This series of generators are produced to oblige reinforcement capacity to homes and to give reliable ability to work. Destinations and open-air occasions, also.

Modern and Commercial Use

The EB Series

The EB series is intended for modern and business use, using the Honda OHV business-grade motor. Every EB series generator is intended for rough circumstances with full-outline assurance. This series offers yield ranges somewhere in the range of 4000 and 6500 watts. For beginning and running weighty, modern hardware, the EB series is the ideal decision.

Extra Factors When Selecting A Generator

Extra factors, for example, the commotion level and the eco-friendliness of the generator ought to likewise be thought of. Assuming that the generator will be moved, simplicity of transport and the size of the unit are likewise contemplations.

Commotion Level

For the least clamor level and calm activity, select an EU series generator.
Simplicity of Transport
All Honda Generators are intended for movability. The EU series is produced with handles and is ideal for transport.

Unit Size

The littlest EU series generators, the EU 2000 and 3000 models are the most smaller models. These units are versatile and might be effectively lifted onto a tabletop or truck bed. Bigger units are mounted on wheels for better mobility.


Honda produces 1000-Watt Solar Generator for all applications. What’s more, when you buy a Honda Generator, you realize that the generator is upheld with the Honda quality name. With Honda, you buy craftsmanship and the unwavering quality that is incorporated into all Honda items. The Honda brand has gained notoriety for using excellent materials in the assembling, everything being equal.

Standard support on your Honda Generator will at times require substitution or fix of parts. Honda prescribes authentic OEM parts to guarantee quality and similarity. has an easy-to-use online parts query device that makes requesting Honda parts simple.

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