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Home remedies to deal with scars

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The most annoying part of getting acne is the post effect of it which are scars. Getting rid of these scars are highly challenging and although there are overwhelming options ranging from home remedies, tips and other cosmetics including No Scars facewash with neem extract in the market, choosing the right one that works for your is quite tiresome. 

These scars are not permanent, and it takes time to get rid of them. There are many treatments available and as the scars are prominent for the teenagers and youngsters, the self-esteem might get affected and your appearance as well. If you are searching for some better and effective home remedies, here are some possible things that you can try right from your home. 

  • Try massaging with ladyfinger

One of the most nutritional foods is the ladyfinger. And as it has multinutrients and vitamins including A and C, it helps in dealing with scars. The antioxidants present in the ladyfinger can eliminate these scars when you rub or massage the area. All you need to do is to cut the ladyfinger and grind it to make it as a paste. Add few drops of lemon, essential oil and honey along with the paste and apply on the area of scar. Leave for few minutes and wash with fresh cold water. 

  • Natural herb

Another way to deal with the acne scars is to use the natural herbs and their paste. Especially, when you use the Brahmi – a renowned herb that is known to possess anti-inflammatory and oxidant properties in it will help you to eliminate these acne scars in short time. Take few Brahmi, grind them into paste and mix along with some lemon drops and turmeric and apply on to the scars. Rinse with fresh water to see significant changes. 

  • Apply vitamin E

Here is another treatment from home to deal with scars. You can apply vitamin E oil to the scars. The effective solution to deal with scars is to apply vitamin E that helps in fading the scars in short time and you can extract this vitamin E from the capsule that will be available in all the stores. Rub on the area of scar before you go to bed. The No Scars neem extract facewash contains the added vitamin E and other compounds to deal with Scars. 

  • Lavender and olive oil 

As the essential oils have lot of anti-inflammatory and oxidant properties, they help in eliminating these scars. Mix few drops of lavender oil along with few spoons of pure olive oil. Apply it on the scar and allow it for few minutes to be on the skin. Wash gently with fresh water. It is recommended to continue doing the same twice a week to see significant difference in fading out the acne scars. 

  • Onion extract

If you really don’t think about getting yourself stink for few minutes, then applying onion is a wonderful home remedy to deal with scars. With lot of nutrients including bioflavonoids, onion extract has significant properties in reducing the scars in few weeks. 


Skin being the constant bombardment over the environmental factors and other pollutants, it is vital to take care. Here with the above tips, you can eliminate the scars with ease. 

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