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How to Hire the Best Packers and Movers from Mumbai to Chennai

How to Hire the Best Packers and Movers from Mumbai to Chennai
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Looking for the best packers and movers from Mumbai to Chennai? Are you planning to move from the city housing “Gateway of India” to the “Gateway of South India?” Are you losing your sleep, thinking about the colossal and complex procedure of house shifting from Mumbai to Chennai? I am sure you won’t feel the same after you go through the article. We tried to provide you with the most rational and practical solutions to your intercity house shifting queries.

Home shifting is a phenomenon that comes with mixed feelings. You are always in a dual headspace. You are exuberant about the new life and lifestyle the new city has to offer. Again, you are unsure if the move might not prove that thriving later on. In the case of a house shifting from Mumbai to Chennai, The thought of the elaborate intercity relocation across the country from the West to the South can make you feel restless. Again, the cultural swap from a next-level cosmopolitan city to a conservative city can leave you feeling flabbergasted and in a mentally chaotic situation.

However, let’s not discuss the problems and rather emphasize the solutions. Here are a few tips and tricks to make you hire the best packers and movers Mumbai to Chennai:

Get professional assistance

House shifting from Mumbai to Chennai is a prodigious task that requires efficacy in planning and execution. You need to implement your managerial, decisive, and executive skills to conduct the process in a suave manner. House shifting involves moving all the belongings that you and your entire family possess by accumulating them for several years. If you think you will be self-sufficient to carry out this arduous activity all by yourself, you are making a huge mistake. You should get professional help in this regard. Hire a team of packers and movers from Mumbai to Chennai to make your intercity home relocation process hassle-free.

Fix a moving budget

The first thing that should strike your mind, as soon as you avail of a service, is the cost associated with it. In case of your intercity home relocation, you should fix a moving budget. You should have a sufficient budget to meet up with the cost of hiring the packers and movers from Mumbai to Chennai. Consider saving extra for a few months to expand on your intercity move. The packers and movers from Mumbai to Chennai charges depend upon the size and weight of your entire consignment and on the distance of your move. The distance between Mumbai and Chennai is 1333 km which is a constant factor in this case. The costs of hiring a proficient Interstate and Long Distance Movers in Boston would vary with the size and weight of your consignment.

Create a checklist

While moving from Mumbai to Chennai, the first step that you should consider doing is to make a checklist. Mention all the items that you want to carry to your new house in Chennai. Doing this will make you aware of your belongings as well as their utility in your household. You can make out which of the things are necessary and which aren’t. Furthermore, the packers and movers from Mumbai to Chennai will get an idea about the number of boxes required to move your consignment. They would be able to predict the size of the vehicle they would need to move. Most importantly, they would be able to give you the exact monetary quotation for the intercity relocation from Mumbai to Chennai.

Steer clear of the junk

Going by the checklist, you can separate the necessary items from the pile of unnecessary items in your household. It is pointless to carry the extra unnecessary items all the way to another city, increasing the labor costs. Thereby, steer clear of the junk from your house in Mumbai before you make the move. Sell old furniture or home appliances that you would like to replace with the new ones in your new house. Donate reusable items like clothes, shoes, bags, books, and toys to an NGO or orphanage. Discard the remaining damaged or broken items, adding up to the junk. The lesser the size of your move, the lesser will be the moving cost. So, keep your consignment light and useful.

Save the priceless possessions

Our basic instinct is to protect our possessions. During your house shift from Mumbai to Chennai, you should be careful about saving the things that are of prime importance to you. Keep aside your precious jewellery, expensive watches, laptops, mobiles, your financial, legal, educational, personal, and identity-proof documents, etc. Store them in a discreet hand-baggage and carry them with you in your car as you travel from Mumbai to Chennai. Do not disclose any information about these sensitive and priceless possessions with your packers and movers in Mumbai.

Avail moving insurance

As we already discussed, we protect what we value. You would want your belongings to be safe at any cost. This is where moving insurance or in-transit insurance comes into the picture. In-transit insurance helps you to get a financial settlement for the damages that occur to your belongings on the move. In case, any of your belongings get damaged or lost, you can aver compensation from the packers and movers in Mumbai. This is how getting in-transit insurance protects your belongings from uneventful occurrences.

Be mindful of the utility services

The fundamental services that are necessary for us to sustain regularly are utility services. Some examples of utility services are Water connection, electricity, gas connection, DTH connection, etc. Before shifting, be mindful about disconnecting the utility services in Mumbai and again redeeming the same in Chennai.

Warehousing facility

During intercity relocations, we are often not sure of the condition of our new house. Many of us like it personalized according to our taste. So, your new house in Chennai may need some final finishing touches according to your preferences. In that case, for a few days, consider staying in a hotel as your new house gets ready to move in. All this while, avail warehouse facility provided by your moving company from Mumbai. Depending upon the time frame you avail of the facility and the size of your consignment, the warehouse charges will vary. To ensure the safety of your belongings, the warehouses have CCTV surveillance cameras installed extensively.

Your Call After All

You need to do in-depth planning and management to execute the intercity house shifting procedure with efficacy. Finalizing reputed and genuine packers and movers from Mumbai to Chennai plays a quintessential role in this intercity relocation process. After going through the entire article, we hope that you got a clear insight in this regard.

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