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Havana, Cuba, Tangier, are best places to travel

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As of May 2022, the Biden administration relaxed some restrictions on travel to Cuba, which resulted in the continuation of the can-you, can’t-you debate regarding trips to the island. As a result of these changes, it is now marginally simpler to travel to Cuba. According to travel advisor Molly Layman, who spoke with Travel + Leisure, Americans can now travel to Cuba as part of a group trip or independently with a license that allows “support for the Cuban people.” More explanation is available on Lugares para visitar cerca de mi.


“It requires citizens to have a full-time schedule of activities that support the Cuban people, which is easily fulfilled through buying services from Cuban entrepreneurs, staying in local homes, dining in private restaurants, and booking cultural activities,” she said, adding that “it is one of 12 authorized categories of travel to the island.” According to Layman, who works as the director of operations at the tour business Cuba Candela, those who are prepared to take on the lively streets of Havana will also require a visa. She explained that passengers can take care of that “either on the day of travel at the airport check-in desk or from a tour provider.” (The price can range anywhere from $50 to $100 or more, depending on where the visa is purchased.) Even though the hurdles are unavoidable, it is possible that accomplishing them will be well worth it in the year to come.

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Tangier, located in Morocco

Over several decades, this city in the north of Morocco has been a magnet for a steady flow of bohemian ex-pats, the most well-known of whom were the beat-generation authors Paul Bowles and William S. Burroughs. Because of this, it gained a reputation as a location where people from other countries moved permanently rather than merely visiting. The inauguration of British designer Jasper Conran’s second Moroccan property, Villa Mabrouka, is scheduled to take place in the spring of this year. This follows the debut of L’Hôtel Marrakech in 2018, which was Conran’s first venture into the Moroccan hospitality industry.


The hillside property, which was once the private residence of fashion legend Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, boasts breathtaking views over the Bay of Tangier and is within walking distance of the lively medina in the city. Other newcomers include the Museum of Contemporary Art, also known as the Kasbah Museum, because it is located in a rehabilitated 17th-century Kasbah prison. The Museum of Contemporary Art is a place that displays the work of regional artists and is also known as the Kasbah Museum. The recently opened Fairmont Tazi Palace Tangier is another new kid on the metaphorical block. It is located on a renovated estate over a century old and close to the ancient city. Already, people are getting more excited about the recently announced Waldorf Astoria, a retreat with 115 rooms and 21 villas that will open in 2025.

” Although Istanbul and Bodrum are both famous for good reason, travelers from the United States will find much to love in other pockets of this diverse country. Isparta, the region’s largest city and a center of rose and lavender production, and the ancient hilltop city of Sagalassos were featured in a story that Kadaster helped coordinate for T+L’s August 2022 issue. Kadaster has been including the Lakes Region in increasing itineraries for her clients.

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