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All You Need To Know About On-Demand Marketplace with Gojek Clone App

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On-demand virtual markets like the Gojek clone are now most sought after by people because it is a one-stop shop for everything. Whether the user wants to buy groceries, get a spa at-home service, or even get their car washed at the doorstep, this on-demand app has everything your customers need. Do you want to know more about this marketplace? This blog will tell you a handful of reasons why your customers will love this app once you launch it in the first place. 


Talking about the one-stop-shop, the customers require their virtual marketplace to have everything they need such as: 

Hiring a handyman on the go

Emergencies can happen anytime. A pipe in the kitchen can break, someone might have to get the air ducts cleaned, or get the rocking wooden armed chair repaired. All these are odd tasks that your customers may have no expertise in or may not have the time for. That is when the customers can log into the Gojek clone app and book the handyman suitable to their needs from the selected category.  

The customer can choose the ‘Book Now’ option for instant service delivery or the ‘Book Later’ option to schedule it for a later date and time. 

Get the car washed at home 

Your customers will no longer have to wait in long queues to get their car washed at the local car washer shop. With the on-demand app, your customers can even get that done right at their doorstep! Simply by installing the app and going onto the car wash service section in the menu, the customers can see all the nearby professionals available to accept the request on the map. The map view gives all the details such as the car washer’s name and their proximity to the location. 

The customer can choose the car washer based on their experience, services they offer, ratings, reviews, and photos/videos of their previous work. 

Send parcels to nearby locations

Sending bigger boxes of parcels even a few miles away is a challenging task. One needs experts who can do this at fair rates. Well, on that note, hiring local parcel delivery services can be expensive. With the Gojek clone app, customers can book a transportation of their choice, such as a truck, two-wheeler, motorcycle, etc. They can send parcels straight to one location or multiple within a pre-defined perimeter only! 

Based on the size and quantity of the parcels, the customers can choose the parcel delivery vehicle they want and pay for it through a credit card as well. 

Order medicines from a nearby pharmacy 

With the introduction of this all-in-one app, people have given up the idea of stepping outside their homes to purchase medicines. Using the Gojek clone app, your customers can purchase the medicines from nearby pharmacies. The customers have to upload the prescription, add medicines into the cart, and even pay for it with their in-app wallet. 

All the medicines from the chosen pharmacy will be delivered right to the customer’s doorstep by a vaccinated delivery driver. To add to the precaution, the delivery drivers wear a mask and hand gloves, sanitize their hands, and even offer contactless doorstep deliveries if the customers want to. 


Build a Gojek clone app today to provide your customers with the convenience of shopping at home. This virtual marketplace is what your customers need in 2022 and beyond that. 

Let your customers choose the desired service from a variety of 70+ on-demand services. Other reasons why your customers will love the app are – that it has multiple online payment methods, lets the customers choose desirable providers, and even rate them! 

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