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Gemstones and its basics

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Gemstones are attractive stones that come in various colours and are worn for fashion jewellery and astrological purposes. Wearing gemstones can be an effective remedy for the troubles and complications that one has in their life. Since ancient times, kings and royals have been wearing gemstones in different forms, and the main purpose is healing.

With the advent of the internet, everything is now available online, including gemstones. You can easily buy certified gemstones online. These can be broadly classified into two categories: Precious and Semi-precious stones. The classification is based on the stone’s quality, clarity, pricing, and purity. Let’s discuss a little about precious and semi-precious stones.

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Precious stones: 

These are superior quality stones, and therefore the price is high. Better results come with good quality since these stones naturally have strong healing and spiritual properties. Stones are not always worn for astrological purposes several times, and individuals would wear them as a part of beautiful-looking jewellery. Some precious stones that are known to us are Ruby, Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, and Diamond.

Semi-precious stones:

These stones are not as expensive as the previous ones and are mostly a substitute for them. Being less costly does not mean they don’t have any healing properties, but when worn correctly, these stones bring desired results for the individuals wearing them. Examples of known semi-precious stones are Pearl, Cats-eye, Onyx, Labradorite, Amber, Hessonite, and Lapis Lazuli.

How to select the correct stone

Before coming to the point of how the selection is main, one needs to know the concept of Ascendant. When we talk about an individual’s birth chart, the most important house of that chart is the ascendant, which basically controls the body. Now in case the ruler of your body is not strong, it would affect the health of the individual whose birth chart is studied.

Similarly, the ninth house and the fifth house are also extremely strong houses in a birth chart. Any weakening in these houses eventually affects luck and struggle in one’s life.

Visiting a well-known astrologer or deeply studying the field of astrology can only help you to buy certified gemstones online in india.

Lastly, before you wear any stone, it is important to wear it at an appropriate time to maximise its effects. One should know about the best time and also how to wear this stone. Some astrologers would make you wear them in the form of rings, neckpieces, etc.

Incompatible stones

Now, not all stones are comparable, and one may think that you can wear different stones together for different problems in life. Still, the most important thing to know here is that these stones worn together may not always cause a positive outcome, but in most cases, it would negatively impact your life. Different planets are linked with different stones, and if these planets are enemies, they will cause harm.

This covers the basic of what gemstones are what is the ideal way of selecting a stone for use.

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