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Football: from sport to experience

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Without guessing what came before, whether it was the chicken of the digital revolution or the egg of changing the habits of society, the truth is that the economies of developed countries are another accelerated transition from an industrial economy where the quality and price of products began. † and services were the discriminatory element of purchase (copper value in English terminology) for the so-called economy of experience, where, assuming quality and prices as indicated, consumers decide based on the experience they have of consuming a particular product. So with a different experience taking the consumer by storm, different platforms have emerged such as Amazon itself. Where the price and quality of its products is not the key to success, but rather the experience that its use offers (easy access, returns, total availability, tracking, search, etc.) Phone, Apple Phone (!) Because quality and price, but because of the great user experience?).

Experience is the king or queen of the consumer today,

The fan, the patient and even the voters. Hence the new mantra of the current economy: putting the customer first; It cannot be otherwise, because in the industrial economy price and quality are internal to the product, in the new experience economy they are nowhere different from us, the consumers, and our perception and feelings; it is our memory of consumption and the feelings it evokes in us, from which grew our attachment to brands and nothing else.

Thus, the battle to offer consumers a unique experience in all sectors continues. To this end, new digital technologies such as big data and analytics, virtual reality, third-generation software and websites, artificial intelligence, natural language, 3D printing, cloud computing and many others are being used to generate essentially unique experiences through hyper-personalization. , Predictions and predictions of behavior, etc.

Investments in sectors such as retail,

Banks, the auto industry or even the media, with TV platforms at the forefront, are changing the way we interact with brands and companies and completely changing the rules of competition. Is NBA and football in particular a sector that is on the cusp of this revolution affecting society?

Sure, the passionate and atavistic part of football meant that clubs didn’t see the need to keep and attract their consumers to the brand except with the energy on the pitch and with the marketing, but the truth is the business opportunity. Those who sit at the table and those who stay in the future are huge.

Football matches are no longer events encapsulated in time and only available in two formats, face-to-face and televised (broadcast) to provide 360º experiences that accompany audiences before, during and after the show, in one DIGITAL PLACE where the viewer can. Experience a fully immersive experience full of brand connections and business opportunities built into the experience.


How? With the simultaneous integration of new technologies and the careful design of experiences based on innovation, many clubs, stadiums and 스포츠중계 leagues will be a conglomerate of services, contacts with their fans and spectators without time or channel limits. Today, many other companies, led by large consumer companies, are transforming themselves with sensational results ranging from an increase in the number of followers or loyal customers to a significant increase in cross-selling and most importantly the satisfaction of their customers. This is the case with Disney, which in its theme parks and cruise ships, together with multinationals such as GLOBANT, develops these “digital websites” using technologies such as Ion (Digital Bands), Big Data or artificial intelligence to make its visitors unique . And personalized experiences that increase spending in the parks.

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