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Fixes to blunders in QuickBooks payroll tax table update

QuickBooks payroll tax table update
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QuickBooks offers many financial services to its users. One of the many trustworthy services provided By QuickBooks is the payroll which includes the payroll tax table. It holds information about the certain amount deducted from the employee’s wage for filing tax. The employer is liable to hold back the amount from the wages and mention it in the payroll tax table, which will be shared with the government while filing the tax. This tax table also includes income tax returns the employee is eligible for in case of overpayment. QuickBooks offers a payroll service to the users, which can be used to manage the records. But, it can be affected by many internal issues. If you also came across a QuickBooks payroll tax table update error in your software, go through the blog for solutions.

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About the error

The Payroll Tax table is a record of the wages of the employees. This service can also be affected by errors, after which you won’t be able to update your payroll tax table. This is mainly due to issues with connectivity or some incorrect settings. Whenever you initiate the update, error messages will interrupt, and the process will stop at that very instant.

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We have mentioned some of the reasons you have to face this trouble while downloading your payroll tax table updates-

  1. There are some connectivity issues due to which QuickBooks cannot download the updates.
  2. Some incorrect settings in your windows can block QuickBooks from connecting to the servers.
  3. The firewall active on your system restricts QuickBooks from setting up a connection.


This error can be removed by the solutions provided below-

Solution 1-Enable TLS 1.2 settings in your windows

Follow the steps to configure the TLS settings-

  1. Pressing Windows+R together will open a Run window.
  2. Type “inetcpl.cpl” and press Enter.
  3. A window for Internet Properties will open.
  4. Under the Advanced tab and scroll down to TLS settings.
  5. Tick the checkbox for TLS 1.2.
  6. Click on the Apply option and then Ok.
  7. Reopen QuickBooks and try to update your payroll tax table.

If you still see any issues while updating, try the next solution.

Solution 2- Check the stability of your Internet connection

A poor internet connection can also affect your updates. Follow the steps below to verify your internet connection doesn’t have any issues-

  1. Visit using your web browser.
  2. Type ‘Internet Speed test’ in the search and proceed with the test.
  3. Compare your internet speed to the QuickBooks recommendations-3Mbps average and 1.5Mbps minimum.

Upgrade your internet connection if you see any issues.

Solution 3- Try to download the entire payroll update again

Follow the steps given below to update your QuickBooks and payroll tax table again-

  1. Open your QuickBooks, click Help and select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Click the Update now tab and mark the box for Reset Update.
  3. Click the Get Updates options.
  4. Reboot your QuickBooks after the process is complete.
  5. If QuickBooks Update Service prompts you for installation, click on Install now.
  6. Go to the Employees option and click on Get Payroll Updates from the list.
  7. Select Download the entire payroll update, and click on the Update option.

The error will be rectified after using these methods.


We are at the end of this blog; till now, you must know everything about the QuickBooks payroll tax table update. The factors responsible for this error in your QuickBooks and the solutions were also mentioned. We hope this blog was beneficial and helped you remove this error from QuickBooks.

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