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Excess Urine and Excess Thirst in Rabbits

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Polyuria and Polydipsia in Rabbits

Polyuria can be defined as having more than the normal production of urine and polydipsia is more than the normal consumption of water. The normal intake of water for rabbits is between 50 and 150 mL per kg body weight per day. This is the typical expectation of water intake in rabbits given

large quantities of water-based food items, Types Of Blue Birds  like leafy vegetables, consume less water than rabbits who are fed a diet of pellets and hay. The normal urine production is estimated to be between 120 and 130 mg/kg body weight daily.

The balance between the production of urine and thirst is controlled through interactions between the pituitary gland, as well as the hypothalamus brain center. Excessive thirst is usually an outcome of excessive excretion, as the body reacts to the loss of fluid and tries to maintain its hydration.

Plasma fluids in the rabbit are extremely concentrated, which stimulates the thirst mechanisms. Sometimes, excessive urine is because of excessive thirst. In this case, blood plasma gets discolored due to the excess consumption of water, which stimulates the central nervous system, and causes frequent urinary frequency. This is a condition that affects the kidneys and heart.


There are many possible causes of polyuria and polydipsia. Therefore, your doctor is likely to use different diagnostics to determine the root reason. The process is guided by a deeper examination of evident symptoms and eliminating any of the more frequent causes until the cause is identified and is treated accordingly. A full blood profile will be taken that includes an analysis of theExcess Urine and Excess Thirst in Rabbits

chemical composition of blood as well as a complete count of blood as well as a urinalysis. Diagnostics for visuals include ultrasonography and an X-ray image of the abdominal area. Your doctor will look for more evident and frequent causes, such as the presence of crystals (stones) found in your urinary tract or urine as well as bacterial infections. pus cells in the urine. These are that indicate an immune response to an infection within the kidneys and urinary tracts.


It is essential to continue giving water until the mechanism of the illness and the causes are identified and appropriate medication is prescribed. Invite the intake of plenty of oral fluids by providing your rabbit with fresh water, thoroughly wetting the leaves of vegetables, or flavoring the beverages with vegetable juice. Give a variety of moistened, fresh greens like romaine, Birds Of New York 

cilantro lettuce carrot tops, parsley, dandelions such as collard greens, spinach as well as high-quality timothy and grass hay in place of alfalfa hay. If your rabbit is unable or won’t consume enough water and food in its own way to recover, you’ll have to ensure that it has enough fluid and hydration through stomach tube feedings of nutrients and water.

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