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Easy Drawing ideas to try When Bored

Easy Drawing ideas
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Easy Drawing ideas to try When Bored. I showed you some light drawing techniques for the doodle. If you miss it. I like “step by step” that draws tutorials and I thought it could be fun doing something! It will be a pretty “heavy mail image”, but if you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them.

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Doodle # 1:

Draw a point in the middle of the page for the first doodle. Draw wavy lines walking from the point on the edge of the paper. To create a kind of “3D” effect, in each section, pull a “U” head packet.

And that’s that! Simply continue the “U” forms in each section, starting with the point we shot in the first step and radiate the edge of the paper.

Doodle # 2:

The second idea is somehow similar to the first. I will only call a Klee Feld. Start with three or four forms of tears that connect above. It’s a bit of a flower without a center. Draws another form of tear in each petal.

Then continue to pull more pieces of taff outside each fan and continue until you want to stop. Continue on these floral / clover forms, more space is available on paper. To fill any “white room” in the background, just make more Trips tea.

Doodle # 3:

This next model is the one I gathered. Draw a few random forms first on the page. You can be circles, triangles, squares, blobs, no matter. Then use their marking cool drawing ideas a long squiggly line that weaves on the entire page and avoid the shapes. It’s a bit like a labyrinth and shapes are the obstacles you need to manipulate. It makes no sense, but it’s interesting to look at and could make a beautiful background.

Doodle # 4:

Well, let’s take a little more recognizable. Use a pen and marker to draw a circle on the page. Fill this bigger circle with a bunch of small circuits. You do not need to draw every little circle, you can just do some whirlwinds.

You can make your flower larger and give it more dimension by adding another level or two petals. If you all shot all your petals, come back with the minor pen or marker and draw the lines in each. You can stay with a flower or a whole set as I did.

Doodle # 5:

Firstly use a thicker marker to easily pull corrugated triangular shapes. Start at the end of the page and make your way. Then draw other wavy lines that share each mountain in two halves. Decide what page you want to be darker and on which page you want to be easier. I made the left darker and the right side easier.

Use your thinner pen/marker for the darker page to draw random lines. Fill out each section you created with pretty close lines from each other. For the lighter side, make the lines vary slightly in each section.

Doodle # 6:

This next doodle is another flower that taught me about my mother, as I can do if I was little. The first step is optional, but I decided to do it a little more modern by randomly attracting blobs in the shape of a flower with my Crayola Super Tips markers from all sides.

Begin with a short circle in the center of the flower. Then draw some small “petals” around the overlapping circle mutually. If your flower is about half the size you want, you have to do a little bigger petals. Repeat this for each flower.

Doodle # 7:

This doodle is something that I have done again, it’s probably one of the easiest things of all time. Draw some curved lines with your other marker that looks like you would download the page. Drag more than “drops” with your thinner marker/pen in the biggest.

Doodle # 8:

First, draw a series of wavy lines that go horizontally on the page. The lines can go all the way, or they can stop halfway and overlap with another “half” of a line. As soon as all lines are drawn, they will fill them with a rainbow. I made a model of them, who passed from a normal rainbow to a head standing on the head and kept this model to make sure they stay in the wavy lines.

Doodle # 9:

I will call these wagon wheels because it sounds like that to me. Draw a circle. Mark a point in the middle of the circle and draw rows that go from the point to the circle. And that’s all there is! Just pull more of these “wagon wheels” until you fill the page.

Doodle # 10:

  • The last idea is this strange blob thing.
  • It’s sort of like an inverted cow pressure or something like that.
  • First, draw a bunch of random blobs on your side.
  • Fill each blob with more forms of the smaller blob.

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