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Dubai Miracle Garden: A Paradise For Honeymoon Couples Visiting Dubai

dubai miracle garden
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The Dubai Miracle Garden, a floral paradise with 50 million blooms, is among the UAE’s most unique attractions. It is the world’s biggest natural flower garden, with hundreds of flower-shaped exhibits scattered across 18 acres (7.3 hectares) on Dubai’s outskirts, creating a spectacular display of color and fragrance. Despite what you would believe, Dubai Miracle Garden provides more than just tourist opportunities. In reality, there are many more activities available here. The passageways are ideal for wandering and lounging in cabanas or dining at the eateries and stalls serving diverse cuisine. Furthermore, a butterfly garden with 15,000 free-flying butterflies is difficult for butterfly fans to follow.

Since this gorgeous plot of land is in Dubai, which is not good for producing flowers, it takes an incredible amount of upkeep. A staff of well-trained and professional horticulturists is responsible for the current floral splendor. Further, this beautiful Garden is ideal for couples to spend some romantic time together. So if you are planning for a romantic gateway, then Roaming Routes offers a Dubai tour package for couples where couples or newlyweds can discover the best of Dubai.

For now, let’s check some information about the Dubai Miracle Garden.

Dubai Miracle Garden Location

The Garden is in the Dubai land neighborhood, and the location is easily accessible via metro, taxi, and car.

Dubai Miracle Garden At Night

The Garden is even more lovely after dusk, and one may experience the stunning brilliance of the blooms only at sunset. Further, visitors may observe diverse floral creations under ambient light, providing an excellent mood. The Garden is accessible till 11 pm.

Attractions In Dubai Miracle Garden

  • The Teddy Bear: The Teddy Bear is indeed a one-of-a-kind, colossal flower formation in the form of a lovable teddy bear clawing a massive heart. This building was the centerpiece of the Garden’s sixth season.
  • Emirates A380: With over 500,000 natural plants and blossoms, the Emirates A380 is the world’s biggest floral arrangement. The whole structure is made from recyclable materials, and the drip water supply irrigates the plants, exemplifying sustainable landscaping principles.
  • The Sunflower Field: The Sunflower Field has hundreds of brilliantly yellow sunflowers that radiate in the sun. Moreover, these vibrant blooms are the largest and tallest in the Dubai Miracle Garden.
  • The Umbrella Tunnel: The Umbrella Tunnel is among the most distinctive artistic elements. There are colorful umbrellas with flowers inside that make a lovely passageway. Further, there are enough seats and tables to eat a meal with your friends and family.
  • Heart Tunnel: This is a magnificent section with heart forms built from gorgeous and vibrant blooms. The mix of aromatic flowers and vibrant hearts makes a stroll through this passageway among the most authentic experiences.
  • Floating Lady: The Floating Lady in Dubai’s enchanted Garden is a clever sculpture. The Floating Lady, a floral masterpiece, is among the remarkable sights here. The Floating Lady, hovering in the void with her arms extended to the sky, is a pretty uncommon illustration of conceptual imagination. Moreover, the piece creates the appearance that she is hovering in the air, arms extended to the sky.

Dubai Miracle Garden Timings

If you want to explore Dubai Miracle Garden, it would be prudent to find out its opening hours in advance. With the arrival of winter in November, Dubai Garden officially opens and stays open until March, and the entrance opens at 10 am. So, the ideal time to come is in November, when the park will be less crowded, and you will be able to discover it more properly. On the official website, the park hours are 9 am – 9 pm on Weekdays till 31st May 2022.

Dubai Miracle Garden Ticket Price

Prices at the Dubai Miracle Garden differ by age bracket. Adults pay AED 55, children ages 3 to 12 pay AED 40, and children under three get free entry. The cost of these tickets includes tax. The tickets are shockingly affordable and fit for budget travelers, and one should not miss this Garden.

Some Important Points To Consider

  • It is advisable to be aware of the entry and closing times of Dubai Miracle Garden. To verify the Garden’s operating days and hours, it is advisable to visit its official website.
  • Early morning visits to Dubai Miracle Garden are usually preferred due to the fewer crowds. Moreover, this offers you adequate time and space to capture memorable moments in the Garden.
  • Before entering the Miracle Garden, you may create a checklist to cover all the major attractions. Further, have this checklist and tick off each attraction you encounter.
  • To explore every nook and cranny of the Garden, you may go in a clockwise or counterclockwise route.
  • You may carry strollers for kids less than two years old.
  • If you properly organize your trip, roughly three hours to finish your trip to the Dubai Garden will require you.

Final Say

The Dubai Miracle Garden is indeed a miracle, and the attractions will leave you as amazed as any other attraction in Dubai. Make sure to include this when planning your trip with your partner.

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