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Does Laser Hair removal affect your skin?

Full body laser removal nyc
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At the top 10 Laser Hair Removal NYC, we’re all about removing unwanted hair. We always aim for permanent hair removal NYC. However, the majority of our clients are also interested in procedures that aim to slow the ageing process. With that in mind, here’s a look at why your skin ages and what you can (and can’t) do to control it.

With all of the consideration about sun damage and skin cancer, you’d think we’d all be better off spending sunlight hour in a cave. That kind of way of life would result in less sunburns on the skin, but there is another aspect of fine lines and wrinkles that occurs regardless of what we do. According to some research, the best laser hair removal NYC did shows that there is a distinction between external and internal ageing.


Young skin

At the age of 40, we all want to have smooth skin like babies. When you’re young, the epidermis, and the skin’s surface layer, is soft and works as an important shield to water and ecological harm. The skin’s colour and tone are even, with no signs of pigmentation.

The skin’s support system is also robust. Accordingly, best laser hair removal NYC, we stimulate the body to produce collagen which provides firmness to the skin; elastin, which provides elasticity and rebound to the skin; and glycosaminoglycan (GAGs), which maintain hydration to the skin.

Full body laser removal nyc

Two types of ageing according to top 10 laser hair removal NYC

Wrinkling is due to a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic ageing.

Integral ageing is inevitable. It makes no difference no matter where you live. After the age of 20, your body reduces production of collagen by one percent per year. Your skin becomes delicate as you age. Sweat and oil glands slow down as well, and elastin and GAG levels fall. Although intrinsic ageing is inevitable, it is not the primary cause of wrinkles.

The prime reason for wrinkles is extrinsic ageing. It is caused by the sun and environmental factors like smoking or exposure to pollution. Your previously even-toned, soft and smooth skin begins to change .Hence, extrinsic ageing manifests itself as a thickening of the skin’s keratinized outer surface. This exposure also causes an increase in the loss of collagen, elastin, and glycoproteins (GAGs). All of these factors contribute to your skin’s rough texture, irregular tone, and wrinkles.

Other than the permanent hair removal NYC services, the best laser hair removal services NYC is applying new procedures to try to slow the ageing process, whether it involves peeling off the damaged outer epidermis or stimulating the body to produce new collagen.

In Precise

At top 10 laser hair removal NYC, you already know how much we adore lasers. We’re obsessed with them, offering more lasers for permanent hair removal NYC than anyone else. Which is why we have such a large customer base. However, occasionally, we like to inform our clients about other treatments or health advice.

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