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Do Parrotlets Need Medical Care

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The cage needs to be placed in a high-traffic space in the home in which they have a opportunity to meet people frequently, but not in the kitchen area where they could be exposed to harmful gasses from cooking or non-stick cooking pans (which when heated emit an odorlessand non-colorless gas which kills birds immediately after they

breathe it in). It is also important to keep them in a place that allows them to get uninterrupted sleep. Additionally, many prefer being bathed in the gentle mist from a plant sprayer . Do Birds Have Sex They can spread their wings and sing when they’re misted.

All birds, no matter their size

must have a physical examination with a vet shortly after being adopted or bought to ensure that they are healthy and every year thereafter to ensure they are healthy. A knowledgeable veterinarian for birds will conduct thorough physical examinations and examine stool and blood samples to rule out health issues. The veterinarian should also go over the bird’s food and housing requirements, and examine its needs in terms of behavior.

Parrotlets are generally tough tiny birds that do not typically develop specific illnesses; they typically live between 8-12 years, but have been reported to live until their 20s when in the wild. Do Parrotlets Need Medical Care

Their unpredictable and fearless nature, as well as their tiny size can lead in trouble if they are taken off, trapped within tight areas, or being seized by curious dogs and cats. So, their owners must be vigilant whenever they leave their cages.

Where Can Parrotlets Be Purchased

Parrotlets can be purchased at breeders or pet stores, or adopted from bird rescue groups. If they are fed by hand (as as opposed to being fed by parents) babies can be calmer. Do Birds Have Teeth

If anyone is interested in taking a parrotlet home, they must consult an animal breeder or veterinarian who is familiar with parrots to find out if it is the right choice for their life style. People should think about whether they have enough time, space and funds to properly care for one of these playful birds. If you can answer yes, then these animated, engaging birds could be great friends for a long time.

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