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Digital currencies that have the potential to dethrone Bitcoin; which are they?

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Bitcoin created a buzz in the financial market around the world with its emergence as the first decentralized digital currency. Coined by a mysterious founder Satoshi Nakamoto, it differed from fiat currencies. It allowed peer-to-peer transactions without any involvement of a third party. But now there are thousands of digital currencies in the crypto market as an alternative to Bitcoin.

But despite so much of competitors Bitcoin has still maintained its dominance in being a globally popular and trusted cryptocurrency. Many people became millionaires with the latter dominant crypto coin at the time when it reached US$65,000. Still, Bitcoin has not lost its shine as it is still popularly traded by investors. This proves that it is no more a fad and is still dominant. 

However, if you do not want to get centralized on one particular crypto choice (BTC), then there are a plethora of alternatives you can refer to. And it won’t be wrong to say that all of these digital currencies have the potential to compete with Bitcoin and dethrone it. These alternate crypto coins are rising at a very faster pace, and are giving positive results. Now you are curious in knowing about these altcoins. Isn’t? 


If yes, then we have it covered today in this article. So wasting no time, let us begin with the top alternative crypto coins below. 


Top digital currencies that can dethrone Bitcoin in 2022 & beyond



If you want to switch over from Bitcoin and are willing to explore a better alternative to the latter crypto coin, then Avalanche can be a good pick. You can see it as a rising star in the crypto space. AVAX, its native cryptocurrency can be referred to for either purpose, for the paying fee for a transaction, or as a part of the Avalanche consensus tool. $89.01 is the current price of AVAX.



Like Avalanche, Algorand is also a new choice for investors but is one of the digital currencies that have the potential to compete with Bitcoin. But in terms of speedy transactions, this new crypto entrant is a bit heavy. Algorand has the potential to process more than 1000 transactions in a very short time. This has been proved with the demonstration of its blockchain. It can complete transactions in five seconds. Its native cryptocurrency ALGO is known to have dragged the attention of many investors in being efficient. Current price: $0.8014.



Dogecoin began its journey as a crypto meme joke. It later rose to popularity with the series of tweets by tech giant Elon Musk. More and more investors are now taking interest in it, which gives an indication of its greater potential in the coming time. Its growth is certainly possible by having ample support from Tesla’s CEO. Current price: $0.1518.



Ethereum is known to be the second-largest cryptocurrency after the foremost cryptocurrency Bitcoin, according to its market cap. If not sure about any other altcoin, ETH has the potential to outshine Bitcoin in the future. Ethereum is the first platform to have brought the concept of smart contracts which are behind major innovations like Defi, NFTs, and more. Current price: $3,266.71.

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While discussing digital currencies that can dethrone Bitcoin, then it is impossible to overlook Litecoin. Known to be a close sibling to the latter crypto-token, there is much common in the functioning of Litecoin and Bitcoin. Still, some key features make LTC better than its older sibling BTC. And one such is transaction speed which is much faster than its older sibling. Where Bitcoin has a limitation of 21 million, Litecoin excels over it with a limitation of 84 million coins. No matter whether the performance of this altcoin is lower in comparison to Bitcoin, still, it has a bright future ahead. Current price: $114.43.



Solana also joins the list of digital currencies that can dethrone Bitcoin in 2022 and beyond. And we are saying this because this altcoin has the potential to process 50k transactions per second. This is more in comparison to Bitcoin which processes only 7 transactions per second. This means SOL is much speedier in comparison to BTC. Plus, it is environmentally friendly. In 2021, Solana has performed well and has risen to the fifth largest crypto coin by market capitalization. Current price: $119.50.


Final words

Enough of the Bitcoin craze, now there are promising digital currencies that have the potential to dethrone the foremost crypto coin. Now you have a wonderful alternative available with Solana, Ethereum, Litecoin, Avalanche, Algorand, and crypto meme currency Dogecoin. Keep following the Cryptoknowmics website to know their price movements. It is the best crypto website where you can find any topic based on your search. Here you can know the XPR price prediction for the coming years. Besides XPR, you can also search for any altcoin even the less popular ones. It is the best crypto guide for all crypto enthusiasts.

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