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CRO Diaries: Find out The Pros and Cons Advantages/Disadvantages Of Meso Scale Discovery Immunoassay

Meso Scale Discovery Immunoassay
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Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) is a unique, robust multiplexing platform for quantifying analytes in complex biological matrices. These matrices include serum, plasma, whole blood, cell lysates, CSF, and many more. With over 400 assay options and customization capacities, MSD has helped researchers accurately quantify biomarkers, cytokines, and antibodies in different study samples. 

assays provide high-quality data with less effort and low costs. Hence, they are widely adopted at every drug discovery and development step. This preference is especially true during the pre-discovery phase of drug development, where scientists screen thousands of potential drug molecules.

MSD assays come in singleplex and multiplex formats. They have combined electrochemiluminescence and Multi-array technology to bring rapid and highly dense clinical information through miniaturization and parallel processing of study samples. msd mesoscale product line comprises not only highly robust assays but also a range of plates and reagents required for assay development and validation. The current article highlights the advantages and disadvantages of MSD assays. Researchers can use this guide to make informed decisions for bioanalysis.

Advantages of Meso Scale Discovery ELISA

MSD assays have several advantages. Following are some prominent ones.

  • MSD assays are highly sensitive. They consist of multiple excitation cycles, which amplify the light signal
  • They offer a broad dynamic range. Thus, researchers can quantitate both high and low expression levels without multiple dilutions
  • The stimulation method in MSD assays is decoupled from the light signal. Hence, only analytes present near the electrodes are identified in the reaction
  • They have simple protocols but are much quicker than traditional ELISA assays
  • The labels are non-radioactive, stable, and easily conjugated to biological molecules
  • MSD provides accurate clinical data in several biological matrices, including serum, plasma, cell supernatants, and whole blood.
  • MSD is multiplexed assays. Therefore, valuable biological samples can be conserved, and assays can run in low sample volumes
  • Moreover, MSD assays enable researchers to measure native levels of cytokines and biomarkers in diseased and normal patient samples without multiple dilutions.

However, with any technology, there are certain limitations to MSD immunoassay development.

Let us explore some of the disadvantages of MSD assays.

Disadvantages of Meso Scale Discovery immunoassay

Following are some disadvantages researchers and scientists must note while using MSD assays.

  • Compared to conventional ELISA assays, MSD platforms are relatively costly when it comes to plate and reader costs. However, due to multiplexing capacities, the cost per sample is comparable to ELISA assays.
  • MSD requires specialized printing techniques for the multiplex plates
  • Often,  antigens used in MSD assays are not commercially available and may need custom assay development. However, individual approaches from NIH and PATH are working to bring these antigens through a common source for researchers.

Besides, specialized MSD assays, such as the Multi-array Total ErbB2 assay, require special attention to increase the performance and assay sensitivity. These requirements include:

  • Adding a no-wash step. Though, this step may reduce assay sensitivity.
  • While working with phosphoproteins, scientists must avoid using phosphate buffers.
  • As phosphoproteins are unstable, researchers must thaw cell lysates immediately before using them. Besides, they must discard any remaining thawed material.

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