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Correction By Electrostatic Discharges

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By pressing the electroshock button, the collar will send a small electrical impulse to the dog’s neck through the diodes that are in contact with its skin.

The degree of stimulation that the dog receives depends on several factors:

The level selected on the knob. A low setting will simply tickle you, while a higher setting can be more unpleasant.

The duration of the download the longer the duration, the more effective the effect of the discharge will be. However, each impulse should not last more than 1 minute.

How often the dog receives shocks. If the dog receives many shocks in a row, he will begin to tolerate the discomfort they cause him and they will stop having an effect.

The physical characteristics of the dog:

Sensitivity of the skin, the more sensitive it will react sooner to low-intensity shocks.

Quantity and length of hair. The more abundant and long the hair, the less intensity it will reach your skin.

Weight. The greater the weight, the greater the discharge required to obtain an adequate reaction Temperament.

Are electric dog collars safe?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of shock collars for dogs and their safety. For all those who do not know, there is no need to be shocked since electric collars have evolved many times since their invention and they are safe.

Collars are simply a complementary tool for canine education, so they are only used at specific times. In addition, modern my dog training collar also include correction modes other than shocks, leaving electrical pulses as a last option in case other methods fail.

Following the same line of ideas, the collars include a control with various levels of intensity of the discharges, all of them low voltage. Therefore, even the highest level of stimulation does not cause a great physical damage to the dog; it only makes him react to a kind of tickle. For you to understand, it is similar to the static electricity that humans feel when touching a car door or a carpet.

It is true that there are very sensitive and fearful dogs that after the first electrostatic impulse no longer need to pay attention. Implying that they have had an unpleasant experience. Therefore, although it is safe, it is not good for all dogs.

We recommend that you do not use electric collars with the following groups of dogs:

  • Nervous and skittish dogs, mainly due to the psychological consequences that they could have. The use of the collar could cause them more fear and have the opposite effect to that desired.
  • Young dogs, which have not yet formed their temperament, generally up to a year and a half or two years old, depending on the breed. Normally the behavior problems of canine childhood and adolescence usually disappear when they grow up if they receive a little training.
  • Dogs very sensitive to pain, since they could interpret each discharge as an aggression and become insecure.

To check the intensity of the electric collar, put the part of the diodes on the palm of your hand and press the button with the intensity you want to activate. You will notice a slight tingling that will increase as you increase the intensity of the downloads. Try to see how long you can hold on and then you will know how the dog feels.

Shock collars usually have a satisfying effect fairly quickly. If you don’t get the desired effects quickly, it’s best not to overwhelm the dog with many shocks in a short period of time, as this could cause burns and irritation to the skin and fur.

However, if an electric collar for dogs is used with the head, only in necessary cases and is combined with training sessions, it does not have to be a torture tool for dogs, quite the opposite; it is a safe method and of great help to correct the most entrenched behavior problems.

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