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Slavasoft is versatile programming seller, specific on custom improvement projects for HoReCa and item based arrangement advancement for Professional Sport Industry. It was established in 2015 in Alicante and presently has two principal workplaces in Spain and Russia.
There is a business improvement office in Alicante, who is working on EU market and has practical experience in brand mindfulness advancement of versatile programming item for sport experts.

Russian office is situated in Moscow and is answerable for programming creation and execution. Portable Apps of organization are committed to digitalization of measurement and accelerate of game greatness for experts, help mentors, scouts and collaborators in their particular positions.

Fundamental Android results of SlavaSoft in pro game space:
1) Football Expert (from 2016)
2) Table Tennis Expert (from 2017)
3) Football Referee for Smart Watch (from 2018)

The Android App “Football Expert” is a cutting edge application for fans, mentors, scouts and could be utilized as another brand mindfulness device for soccer groups and leagues. This application permits gather match’s measurements (objectives, shots, cards, passes, handles, and so forth), oversee creations, characterize defaults setting to accelerate consistently application utilizing, gather reports of each game on email or by means of couriers.

On true Instagram record of item – it’s not difficult to get promotion code and download it free of charge.
For arbitrator it’s additionally have been done an application for savvy watches – it drives referees to follow timetable of match and forestall normal blunders like “trap of second yellow card” or ” wrong replacement”.

Another incredible application – “Master Table Tennis” permits:
– During the coordinate to furnish the mentor and athlete with nitty gritty measurement about his playing, specialized components and its prosperity;
– to improve on the training work in the Skyward FBISD examination of played sets and matches, picture the qualities and shortcomings of the playing;
– to go with competitor with measurement help with the competitions and during an entire profession, showing the progressions in his playing – from the security of strokes to advices about emphasizes in preparing process;
This rendition of the application can be downloaded from the authority Google.Play.

On true Instagram record of item –  it’s not difficult to get promotion code and download it free of charge.
“We are pushing ahead this computerized upheaval into genuine game industry. It’s relentless” – affirmed Denis Pashchenko, CEO of SlavaSoft.

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