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Commercial Office Ideas: Interior Design, Décor, and Layout Tips

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Commercial buildings are built with the idea of being used for office purposes. The journey starting from building a office till it is occupied and functional, there are three major contributors to it-Interior Design, Decorators and Layout tips

Designers are functional people who start working along with the structural engineers and architect. They have a clear idea about the functionality of the building and are aware of the end users i.e. the consumers.

Top interior designers in Bangalore  believe that the design should be built upon the following premises

  • Consumer needs :

  The utility of the building should ideally dictate the design. Above the basic structure, the design of the room should be guided by the e users.

  • Visualize the end:

Reverse engineering is propagated in many project management courses, but it holds especially true in case of interiors. The design of the commercial needs to be worked backward up. The end result that one wants to achieve should dictate the steps.

  • Flexible setting:

 Except the basic structure, it is advisable to build the internal partitions, with movable or changeable material eg false ceilings, glass partitions etc. So that the office lends itself to renovations.

  • Natural lighting and airing:

 Apart from windows, a balcony or some sort of opening is needed to ensure that the rooms are aerated naturally. Daylight, if optimally used can save a big energy bill.

Design arc Interiors is the best interior decorators in bangalore are skillful and experienced. Interior Décor gives the finishing touch to the premises and so should focus on

  • The brand :

Today office needs to double up as customer touch point and so the tone and the décor should represent the company principles and its goals through the logo and the brand colors.

  • The material used:

Sustainable and environment friendly materials always invites a positive vibe and enhances the company image as one that is pro earth and therefore prolife.

  • Roomier and seamless Décor:

With utility of Walls with floating shelves and hanging pots, the office looks spacious. With less per meant partitions and more movable furniture, with mere colors demarking areas, the offices looks more open and friendlier tone.

  • Lighting and color scheme:

It is an absolute must that the colors chosen should align with the intended tone and the lights should be accentuating the same tone. An absolute match and synchronization between the duos can make or mar the overall tone of the office.

The Layout of the office should be decided upon keeping the following in mind

  • The plan and the cost

It is necessary to work out the plan of the office keeping a holistic view and allocating space and corners accordingly. While doing so the costing should also be taken care of as splurging on one part, say CEO cabin might cause an imbalance

  • The breakout space

It pays to spend time to understand the end user requirement and the kind of functionality that the office is going to be put to use in. Office policies can dictate things like break out spaces or in some cases even “nap lounges”

  • The demarcation

In today’s world, seamless experience is more in vouge. People prefer no doors or glass doors rather than big unwieldy rooms for higher up executives. Also many offices serve as customer touch points and so they require small cubicles which can functions are customer meet corners.

  • Distribution of space

Modern offices are transient in both functions and outputs. They prefer multifunctional spaces, desks which can be used by more than one person and so would prefer layouts which can accommodate this need too.



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