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Cigarette Boxes used for advertising campaigns

Cigarette Boxes
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Cigarette boxes have been used in advertising campaigns for decades. The first cigarette box was produced in 1847 and was made of wood. Since then, the design of cigarette packaging has evolved to become an essential part of a company’s branding and marketing strategy. In recent years, there has been a shift towards using minimalist designs for cigarette boxes, which has increased sales.

Cigarette boxes are made from paperboard. They may be printed with a company logo or pictures, such as the famous Marlboro Man.

The industry is highly regulated, and the products are not allowed to be sold below a specific price. They may be sold as electronic cigarettes, with the word “e-cigarette” in big letters on one side of the packaging.

Early cigarette boxes: 

Cigarette companies began using boxes to advertise their products in the early 1900s. The boxes were often colorful and featured designs and illustrations that appealed to consumers. Some of the earliest boxes were made of cardboard, but later models were made of tin or other materials. Cigarette companies also began printing slogans on their boxes, which helped to promote their brands.

Art Deco cigarette packaging

Cigarette boxes from the Art Deco era are popular with collectors for various reasons. They are often quite ornate and embellished, featuring beautiful designs and intricate details. In addition, they represent a period when art and design were at their pinnacle, making them a coveted item for those who appreciate art and history.

Vintage cigarette boxes: 

Cigarette packaging have always been a popular collectible item Custom boxes with logo. They can be found in various shapes and sizes and are often decorated with attractive designs or images. However, the most valuable cigarette boxes are the vintage ones. These boxes were made before 1970 and are now worth a lot of money. Some of them can even sell for thousands of dollars.

There are a few factors that make a vintage cigarette box more valuable. The age and rarity of the box are two essential factors. But the condition of the box is also necessary. A box in good condition will be worth more than one that is scratched or damaged.

So if you have a vintage cigarette box, it’s worth taking good care of it! And who knows, maybe it could be worth a lot of money one day.

Modern cigarette boxes: 

Cigarette companies continue to use boxes as a way to market their products. The boxes’ colors, designs, and fonts are often very flashy and attractive. Many of the boxes even have slogans or images that imply that smoking cigarettes are cool or glamorous. Cigarette companies know that many people make their purchasing decisions based on the packaging, so they put a lot of effort into making their boxes look as appealing as possible.


Cigarette boxes make exciting and unique collectibles. They come in all shapes and sizes, with various designs and graphics. Some boxes are pretty rare and can be pretty valuable. They can also be fun to collect because they often tell a story about the times they were made.



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