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Choosing Your First Bird

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Best Starter Birds

The bird-loving fledglings in a sense typically don’t know which bird species is the best choice for someone who is just beginning. For help in choosing the most suitable bird for beginners contact your inner bird by determining the qualities you want in a bird and the

amount of time you’re willing to invest into your new feathered friend as well as the sum of money you’d like to spend.To ensure that your bird’s owner experience is a positive one, take into consideration these aspects when selecting the type of bird.

My Bird, My Self

The majority of people choose their pets in accordance with the characteristics inherent to the breed, which is often reflected in the personality traits of the owner.Affecting your pet’s bird to your temperament is essential to be an avian parent who is happy. birds chirping If you prefer your pet to be seen , not heard an ethereal, quiet dove is an excellent option.

Chattier owners are likely to enjoy the fun and training capabilities of the parakeet. If you appreciate relationships and interactions with their pet are likely to be happy with a cheeky green conure , or even cockatiel. If you’d rather not interact with your feathered friend Finches and canaries meet the bill.However, be aware this breed are extremely filthy and will require more cleaning of their cages than other breeds.

Needs of Breeds – Size Does Matter

Your pet’s cage is determined by the size of your home. A large bird will require an enormous cage and plenty of space to move around the house. Finches and canaries are tiny birds They prefer to be in small groups and should be kept in cages with a flight system that require a moderate-sized space. Many different breeds are housed in a single as long as they get sufficient interaction and attention by their pet owners.

What Goes in Must Come Out

The cleaning of the cage is not a matter of choice However, the choice of breed will dictate how often it should be performed. Canaries and finches should be kept together which will increase the amount of daily waste on the floor of the cage.

Having birds that be kept as a pair will reduce the amount of mess that is left within the cage to the minimal level. The only exception to this are lorises that must be fed nectar, fruit and pollen in order to support their extremely special digestive systems. This type of diet enhances the quantity of their waste, which makes cleaning their cages more frequent than other species.

Don’t Break the Bank

While a large, exotic bird could seem appealing however, they usually come with a steep price as they require larger cages for birds and other equipment than normal breeds. Water Birds   Although smaller birds initially cheaper, they could be able to live for a long time and require more treatment they need for their caregivers. Being a responsible parent must include proper veterinary medical care and specialist avian veterinarians are expensive.

Interaction Time

A majority of birds of the species known as hookbills need to spend some time out of their cages in order to socialize with you and be active. Two hours at a minimum per day is the most you can do to ensure that your bird is well-nourished and content. If the time commitment is not feasible or unattainable more independent breeds such as canaries or finches would be the better option.

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